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Best ways to spend Valentine’s Day 2020 in Goa

Goa is known as India’s paradise. With Valentine’s day approaching, there’s no better place to spend the day than on this mesmerising land. Couples await this day to express and shower their public displays of affection for one another. These are a few ways which will enhance your experience in Goa.

5. Having a Photoshoot in Beautiful Goa

Sometimes not having a plan is the best plan, isn’t it? Get lost in the lush expanse of Goa’s rich heritage and discover something about you and your partner that you otherwise wouldn’t. Don’t forget to capture the moment, with a wonderful photoshoot shot by us!

Image Credits: Lokaso
Image Credits: Lokaso

4. Stargazing on the Beaches of Goa

Start the evening by trekking the beautiful hill with your partner and enjoy the sunset whilst you watch the stars appear. You and your partner can also groove to the music around. The best part is the stars can be the perfect backdrop for gazing in. your own partner’s eyes! Super cheesy!

Image Credits: Lokaso
Image Credits: Lokaso

3. Candlelight Dinner at a Fine Dining Restaurant

Fine Dining restaurants create a romantic experience, no better day to enjoy aphrodisiac food combinations. Black Market Goa has the perfect ambience for Valentine’s day. Other restaurant options include Black Sheep Bistro, Fortune Miramar and Tataki! Enjoy delicious and exquisite meals for two just for you and your boo!

Image Credits: Blackmarket Goa
Image Credits: Fashion Foody

Having a Romantic Yacht Ride in Goa

Taking a yacht ride with Fun Cruises Goa on the still, soothing backwaters is an experience of a lifetime! Experiencing this with your beloved with the sun setting by your side is romantic for sure. What makes it even more memorable are the beautiful birds that fly past and pay a chirpy visit.  This is one of the most sought after Valentine’s Day plans in Goa and a huge plus to have a beautiful photoshoot as well! 😉

Image Credits: Gloria
Image Credits: Fun Cruises Goa

1. A Romantic stay

You can get your loved one and yourself a beautiful resort to spend the night. Nothing like just catching up and hanging out with your better half, right? Both, North and South of Goa have breathtaking properties to cater to your satisfaction. One option is Longuinhos Beach Resort located in Colva. A lovely swim followed by a romantic dinner quite sounds like a perfect end to Valentine’s day, doesn’t it? 

Image Credits: Longuinhos Goa
Image Credits: Longuinhos Goa

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