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Things to do in Ubud on your next trip to Bali

Ubud is known to be the Cultural Heart and Center of Bali. Although this statement can be a bit of a controversy, Bali has many many places where certain arts and spiritual rituals are very strong and vibrant. But it is definitely the number one place where the culture and arts are easily accessible to the common visitor.

Nonetheless, Ubud carries the atmosphere of relaxation, where slow food, a healthy lifestyle, yoga, and spirituality reign the day attracting nomads, backpackers and romantic spiritual travellers. Here are some things you simply cannot miss out while you’re here.

4. Birdwatch at Petulu Village

Petulu Village in Ubud is famous for its birdwatching scene. Every afternoon thousands of storks/herons fly over the rice fields and return to their nests. The nests are spread out over some fifty large trees around the village. The stocks are called Kokokans by the locals.

Even though you can see these birds during the day, the best time to see a massive number of is in the afternoon before sunset. Petulu Village is about fifteen minutes drive north from Puri Saren Royal Palace.

Storks Colony In Petulu Village

3. Check out the Ubud monkey forest

The shady, green Ubud Monkey Forest is the most popular stop for tourists in the town of Ubud itself. Hundreds of playful and interactive Macaque monkeys call the sacred forest home and roam freely around the tree canopy and temple complex.

Walking around the winding, moss-covered brick paths of the Monkey Forest is a great way to escape the heat of the afternoon but mind your belongings. 

My Monkey Forest Commute in Ubud (Vlog Ep. 26)

2. Visit the Ubud market

If you are looking for cheap shopping in Bali, you should visit the traditional art market in Ubud. The Art Market is a unique conventional market for art crafts located in the centre of Ubud. It opens every day from 6 am to 6 pm. Most of the art products available here are made by villagers from in and around.

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1. Check out some dance performances

No visit to Ubud is complete without seeing at least one traditional dance performance.  Although the performances are very tourist-oriented, this is a great opportunity to see classic Hindu legends being told through dancers in colourful, traditional costumes.

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