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Top Reasons to have a Jaipur Photoshoot – Know why!!!

If you are on the lookout for a magnificent place for a memorable photoshoot, then head straight to Jaipur! Popularly known as the Pink City of India, Jaipur has a unique picturesque view for an outstanding photoshoot amidst the Pink City of royalty. You can call it the king of Rajasthan, making it a worthy backdrop for your photoshoots. The place will not only capture your interest and increase your curiosity, but will also create some special moments in your life. Hence, check out the reasons to have a photoshoot in Jaipur!

6. A chance to capture traditional India

The traditions and culture of this city are unique in its own way. The cuisine here reveals the authentic flavours of the food that represent the royalty. Visit the villages here and you will find some beautiful traditions still being carried out in every aspect of living. One could get their hands on some exclusive photos outshining the old traditions of the land. After all, The traditional outfits convey royal elegance. The turban worn by men and the embroidered ghagra with antique borders and jaipuri gota-patti, also the kurti or choli with beads, mirror work, coral and shells – all portray the exclusive touch of this authentic culture. Hence, living this life for a few moments and capturing every bit of happiness is a must-to try on!

5. Rajasthan Festivals- a unique backdrop

The cultural festivals of Jaipur are widely celebrated with a lot of enthusiasm and joy with open hearts, welcoming people from different parts of the world, thus making it one of the most important reasons to have a Jaipur photoshoot. One could grab some good shots of the vibrant culture which is revealed through their festivals. Some worth experiencing festivals could be the Camel festival, Teej festival, Gangaur festival and the Kite festival. Capture these breathtaking performances, rituals and ceremonies brought about during these festivals in your photos, thereby making it mesmeric.

4. Folk and classical dance forms

This city is famous for its distinctive dance forms. Have some catchy photos wearing the exclusive traditional dance outfits in the respective dance poses which will enrich your photos and give you that beautiful traditional look of Jaipur. The most famous form of entertainment here is the Puppet or kathputli dance. One could mimic that as well. Among all the folk dances here, ghoomar, kathputli and kalbelia (snake charmer) dance fascinates travelers very much. Not just for photoshoot but learning a few of their common steps will help you be on top of the world!

3. Finely carved jewellery

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The Rajasthan jewellers are one of their kinds. This royal city showers finely carved beautiful jewellery such as meenakari, kundan and silver jewellery in its famous markets. You could beautify yourself wearing this stunning jewellery to create beautiful shots. Also note, the jewellery of this city of gems is famous worldwide. Mind you, be it classy or traditional, the jewellery here will tempt you to empty down your purse.  But it’s definitely worth it!

2. Royal photoshoot locations

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Known for its numerous historical monuments, including palaces and forts, Jaipur has extraordinary backdrop setups for a legendary photoshoot. Famous monuments exposing their striking architectural beauty such as Jantar Mantar, Hawa Mahal, City Palace, Amer Fort and much more will make your photos look more adorable. Jantar Mantar and Amer Fort are the two world heritage sites recognized by UNESCO. Imagine capturing your trip within such heritage sites! Not just the photographs but every moment will be cherished in your hearts. Therefore, don’t miss out on this golden opportunity for capturing such unique backdrops with the best photographers at your hand. 

1. Find the top rated photographers in town!

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Capture the lively moments to make everlasting memories with the help of some best photographers such as Lokaso, your photo friend. Lokaso will not just enhance your beauty into the qualitative photographs but will also help you capture some of the most candid pictures that are required to preserve memories. Their charges are perfect according to the best standards and their professionals are an ideal choice for couple photoshoots, solo photoshoots and a lot more! 

A selfie can never be replaced with a professional photoshoot! Hence, don’t be wasting your time. Since in most probability you have understood the reasons to have a Jaipur Photoshoot, Book your photoshoot with Lokaso, your photo friend and you’ll be sorted in this aspect of your Jaipur trip

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