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Top 7 tips to keep in mind during a photoshoot in Goa

A photoshoot in Goa is the most wanted thing among all of our tourists. The moment they plan a trip on this exciting land of adventure and beauty amidst nature, they cannot stop themselves to ring up a photographer and pre-book their shoot. But for those who are new to this trend of having a photoshoot on this beautiful land of Goa need to keep a few tips in mind, to have your plan sorted. Need not worry; for my tips will help you be ready and prepared. 

7. Pre-schedule your day well!

Your Goa photoshoot is something you cannot do in a hurry among all of your worries as nothing can mask your true feelings unless you want to put up a charade for your memories. You may have to give enough time for those few hours. And to do this, you will have to pre-schedule your day. Before the allotted time of the photoshoot, keep yourself free for at least an hour. One day before, all of your photoshoot requirements must be kept ready. 

6. Choose a friendly yet professional photographer

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See that you conduct a small research on the photographer you’ve chosen. Being very friendly or overly professional may swamp your mood. Therefore checkout for someone who possesses the two qualities equally. Remember, that you have to be comfortable enough with them because they’re gonna be your guru for the day😉

5. Be as candid as possible

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These days, natural looks are always appreciated. Try not to fake those poses. Although there’s no harm in choosing a pose, remember that your candid pictures bring back memories of all those happy expressions! Avoid that fake smile🙂 instead show off your 32 😁 or even display your funny side 🤪!!!

4. You ought to carry your shades, a hat and enthusiasm along

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If you’re on a shoot in Goa, then glares and a hat 🤠 is a must. The sun can make you irritated and bore you to bed. Therefore, when considering a day shoot, carry these accessories as well. 

3. Consider wearing clothes suitable to your photoshoot’s theme

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When the shoot is booked, confirm the location and theme with your photographer. You ought to dress according to the theme and location. Certain colours play along really well with different scenes. Therefore don’t forget to take suggestions from your guide😉

2. Don’t be the only one in the frame

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If it’s not a solo photoshoot, then all of the members must coordinate well with each other. If few are daydreaming and others prefer watching the crabs, it is not gonna work. Also remember that you cannot be alone in the spotlight. Therefore, show off your togetherness through your photographs. 

1. Stay calm and avoid being the director!

At times, I know the director within yourself can overpower your self- control to show your tactics. However, your photographer knows it all. They are well-experienced and also work for your delight. Therefore, you ought to surrender those few hours to the photographer so that they can work on creativity with freedom, without being disturbed. You’ll later realise that the photoshoot will indeed provide you with happiness that can be cherished for years to come. But of course, you can always put in suggestions. 

Also, staying calm throughout the shoot is of utmost necessity. At times, many of us may get really frustrated with the posing and the required coordination. Hence, take a breath when your temperature rises😠 and relax for a while. Then get back and have a successful photoshoot.

Now you seem sorted with the tips provided for your Goa photoshoot…

So if you are all set to have a photoshoot in Goa, contact Lokaso, your photo friend to book your photoshoot NOW!

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