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Top 7 Souvenir picks from your Dubai Trip!

What did you get for me? – Is the most commonly asked question to people returning from a trip, especially an international one! Well, everybody loves gifts and so you definitely need to pick items that could be an ideal souvenir from your Dubai trip. Here’s a list of the top 7 souvenirs you could buy and bring smiles to numerous faces. Check them out!

7. Pashmina Shawls

Pashmina Shawls are the most commonly bought souvenirs of Dubai that are made out of goat fur blended with silk. It may be slightly expensive, but is worth the cost since it’s made with locally sourced textiles. Beware while choosing your shawls since some places might give you a fake copy. 

Where to buy: Pashmina House, Karama Market

6. Al Jaber Bakhoor

Bakhoor is made out of agarwood which is infused with a unique scent that could be used to produce a pleasant smell in your homes and office space as well. It is usually burnt with charcoal, although it could be burnt directly and will still produce the same effect. 

5. Aladdin Lamps

Are you a fan of Aladdin? If yes, then you definitely got to pick your Aladdin lamp during your trip to Dubai. But of course, don’t expect Aladdin to make an entry and fulfill your wish! These could be a great Souvenir pick for all fairy tale lovers and will always remind you of your Dubai trip. If you plan on giving the lamp to your loved ones, then well it will still make your beloved happy! 

Shop the Aladdin lamp at Al Karama Market or Karma souk

4. Bedouin Arabian Dallah

Image Credits: Sergy Photography 

The classic Bedouin Dallah of Arabia is traditionally used to brew and serve an Arabic coffee which is a combination of spice and bitterness. It is rich in flavour and taking home this Dallah will surely remind you of the royal ancestry of the Arabian people. You may or may not choose to serve your coffee in the Dallah, but it will definitely be an exotic showpiece in your home. 

Tip: Along with the Bedouin Dallah, consider buying the coffee of Dubai as well!

3. Spices of Dubai

Image Credits: dimaVisuals

The best way to reminisce about the moments from Dubai is by bringing home the flavorsome spices that are deeply rooted in Dubai culture. One will come across a number of spices that you’ve never heard of before. Of course, once you use these spices in your dishes, you won’t be able to resist importing these spices next time you find a relative or friend visiting Dubai. 

Must Try: Arabian Fruit Tea

2. Camel milk soap bars

Camel milk is rich in alpha-hydroxy acids and several other vitamins and minerals that is an ideal option towards a healthy skin. The camel milk soap factory uses high quality camel milk and is handcrafted with a sustainable and minimalist packaging. This award-winning brand is something you ought to purchase during your trip in Goa. 

1. Arabian Lanterns

Who doesn’t love decorating their homes? These Arabian Lanterns will give an ethnic touch to your house and will attract visitors to the richness you find in these lanterns. The intricate patterns on the Arabian Lanterns add on to its beauty and is one of the best souvenir picks from Dubai. 

Please note: these lanterns are slightly delicate to handle. Hence, while transporting it, pack it with good care. 

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