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Top 7 Romantic Pre-wedding Photoshoot Locations in Pune!

The best photographs will be captured when you’re the most comfortable and are having fun with each other. A Pre-wedding photoshoot is a recollection of a love story that will soon be achieving a new success which will further prove your commitment towards each other. However, one of the most difficult questions while planning on a pre-wedding photoshoot is, which pre-wedding photoshoot locations in Pune should I choose? Hakuna Matata! We’ve got you covered! 

7. Parvati Hills

#Parvati Temple

Parvati Hills is the second highest point in Pune, with a picturesque view of the valley. The Parvati Temple holds the scenic touch of the hilltop and has got great architectural carvings that could add an ancestral touch to your photographs. With this pleasant landscape, one could have the most incredible moments viewing the beautiful sunrise. 

Tip: One needs to complete a total of 103 steps to reach the hilltop! Hence, do carry sufficient refreshments to feel anew before the photoshoot! 

6. Lavasa

Image courtesy: Kalakari Films

Lavasa is a private city built by Ajit Gulabchand which is around 60 KMs from Pune and has several locations suitable for a pre-wedding photoshoot. Additionally, it’s meant to be a replica of an Italian city, with four towns situated on the hills. Lavasa is a location where creativity can take different forms to keep the camera rolling, that’s because of the variants of photoshoot spots available. 

Note: Prior permission is necessary in order to have a photoshoot in Lavasa. 

5. Residency Lake Resort, Mulshi

Image courtesy: Navdeep Soni

Most couples prefer having their photoshoots in resorts considering certain requirements. For instance, if you need to change your outfit or even have a touch-up, it can be easily done while in a resort. Moreover, one could also relax in their guest parlours and have a cup of coffee whenever tired. The Residency Lake Resort is in close proximity to the Mulshi lake which is also considered as one the most preferred pre-wedding photoshoot locations in Pune. Hence, with a combination of natural beauty and scenic structured creations, one will be able to capture varieties in their photoshoots. 

Tip: The Resort has got several mesmerizing photoshoot spots that ought to be well explored! 

4. Aga Khan Palace

Image courtesy: Kadu Prashant

This magnificent Palace of Pune is definitely a place to visit. The palace holds the touch of Italian architectural style and attracts its tourists for the large lawns that have been well maintained. Indeed, the Aga Khan Palace is one of the favourite locations of pre-wedding photoshoot photographers for reasons well understood. You can place yourselves right in front of the palace with a graceful dreamy gown and pose with your partner to capture moments untold. 

Tip: Prior permission is necessary in order to have a photoshoot.

3. Empress Garden, Pune

Image courtesy: Manesh Awhale Photography

The moment you reach the Empress Garden your jaw will literally drop and your eyes will pop wide open. That’s the kind of impact the Empress Garden has on its visitors. The exotic species of plants and the towering trees calls for a photoshoot. If you’re looking to capture the natural beauty of Pune, then a pre-wedding photoshoot at this location should be spot on! 

Tip: The Best time to have your photoshoot is during Early Winters, where the weather is pleasant and flowers still bloom! 

2. Shaniwar Wada

Image courtesy: Rohit Vispute

Forts have always been in the bucket list of pre-wedding photoshoot photographers, because forts hold the true essence of the place and will put across several flabbergasting views that would go great with a themed pre-wedding photoshoot. Similar is the case with Shaniwar Wada, which has got a majestic entrance and a royal interior design perfect for your pre-wedding Photoshoot. 

Entry Fee: 25 Rs per head. 

1. Pawna Lake

Image credits: Rohit Nagwekar

Pawna Lake is a tranquil photoshoot place to visit. The scenic beauty captivates people’s attention who love being shot in the lap of nature. Interestingly, this lake of the Pune district is known for several adventure activities that are enjoyed by couples after their pre-wedding photoshoot. 

Tip: The Pawna Lake is a famous touristy spot. Hence, avoid scheduling your pre-wedding photoshoot during weekends! 

Hope our suggestions of pre-wedding photoshoot Locations in Pune, have helped you out! Besides giving out tips and suggestions to our viewers, we also specialise in photoshoots. Contact Lokaso, to book your pre-wedding photoshoot! 

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