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Top Seven Reasons to have a Honeymoon Trip in Jaipur

Among the many gems of the Indian peninsula, it is not just Goa that one can picture a romantic honeymoon, it is also Jaipur that could be a jaw dropping location for the post-nuptial vacation. While Goa has got its own reasons to captivate honeymoon couples from all over the world, Jaipur too has got its exotic riches intact. Known as the victorious land of the Rajputs, the city of Jaipur has got some amazing spots and adventures for honeymoon couples. Check out a few of the many reasons you ought to consider Jaipur as your honeymoon location to get a romantic yet royal aura for your memories.  

7) Spend some quality time on an adventurous outing during your Honeymoon in Jaipur! 

Jaipur has got a whole lot of adventurous sports like trekking and Wildlife Safari. You two can enjoy the togetherness amidst the adventurous journey. It’s a perfect reason to make all of the adventure enthusiasts up on their toes to explore the beauty of Jaipur. While romantic hot air balloon rides are popular among the couples arriving here, zorbing can also help you get some thrills. 

NOTE: Avoid elephant rides, as happiness to you is sadness and pain to them. Certain sources suggest that elephants in Jaipur are being ill treated and so you may have to make a wise decision. 

6) Jaipur is a home to numerous romantic places for honeymoon couples!

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Jaipur has some of the most romantic spots ideal enough for your Bollywood romance. Nahargarh fort, known as the lover’s point, can be a soothing experience for you, especially during the sunset. The romantic vibe in every corner of the fort is backed up with a legend. Sisodia Rani garden, Choki Dhani, Central park and Amer fort are also extremely popular among couples and BFFs. 

5) Excellent restaurants in Jaipur for a dream date during your Honeymoon!

#romantic Jaipur honeymoon dinner date at 1135 AD

You ought not to miss out on your amazing opportunity to have a dreamy romantic date at one of these fine restaurants in Jaipur, especially at 1135 AD, Amer. Your ideal candlelight dinner dates with rich and elegant set up can be experienced in all of these restaurants like the Skyfall by Replay, Forresta kitchen and bar, Samode Haveli restaurant and Terrace grill. Create some unforgettable special memories by dining at these fine romantic restaurants. A romantic dinner will definitely give a happy ending to a beautiful day. 

4) Raj Mandir, A Grand palace like theatre

#Jaipur Raj Mandir

Jaipur has Asia’s largest theatre known as Raj Mandir. Make sure you have a visit here at this astonishing theatre. Whether you choose a romantic movie or a horror one, any of those could get your partner close to you😏. Raj Mandir will not only mesmerize you with its stunning interiors, but will also provide a royal romantic environment for spending special moments together. The majestic feel here will enhance your movie experience making it the best movie experience you have ever had. The theatre is a worthy center, outshining other famous ones available near you😉

3) Princely palaces of Jaipur can provide you with romantic resorts to lodge during your Honeymoon trip!

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#Photoshoot at Jai Mahal Palace and Resorts

The stunning architecture, charming gardens, amazing rooms and best amenities are a perfect blend for a romantic holiday for a new beginning. Every palace you visit here speaks of its royal past. So just imagine having a stay at such a palace cum resort that will enhance your romantic vacation, giving you that princely romantic feel. You can also choose to decorate your rooms according to your convenience. Don’t miss out on a chance to mesmerize your partner with romantic surprises during your whole stay. The hotel staff will definitely help you out to plan something romantic in their vicinity!

The best hotels for a honeymoon in Jaipur are Samode palace, Rambhag palace, Jai mahal palace and Rajmahal palace.

2) Jaipur is known as one of the world’s most famous romantic cities!

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The marvelous pink city Jaipur, is also known as one of the most romantic cities in the whole world. The magic in these numerous heritage palaces and magnificent forts will lift up your hearts and make you feel you have entered the good old royal days of the kings and the queens. Also the regal culture, lively festivals, folk dances, music and the worth mentioning vibrant markets enriched with unique handicrafts, elegant jewelry, accessories and clothes – all for a very affordable price will give you endless choices to give your beloved something unique and special. Jaipur is like a basket full of delicious fruits always awaiting their guests to taste each of it. 

1) Professional Jaipur photographers to get you on spotlight!

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#Couple Photoshoot in Jaipur

Some of the well-known professional photographers in Jaipur have made beautiful memories in the past for honeymoon couples. And if you are gonna have your romantic honeymoon trip in Jaipur, then you just cannot afford to complete the trip without a photoshoot, thus capturing wonderful moments under the professional lens. 

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