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Top 7 Locations in India ideal for your pre-wedding couple photoshoot!

Couple photoshoots satiates those trending feelings that’s going around the world among the youngsters. During such trends where you’ll be posting your photographs on social media, you just cannot take a blend selfie and be satisfied with the outcome. Therefore, you need to choose the best locations for your couple photoshoot around the world and a professional photographer as well. Here’s a list for the top 7 places in India, best suited for pre-wedding couple photoshoots😉.

7. West Bengal – A Heritage Home

Image courtesy: West Bengal Photography

West Bengal is known for the architectural and natural heritage that are famous for couple photoshoots. The Terracotta temples and Hazarduri palace grabs the attention of all of those backpackers checking out for architectural photoshoots. It is also a land which is surrounded by the Himalayas on the northern side and the Bay of Bengal on the southern part of the state. Which is why Duara forest, the enchanting beach beauty and an innumerable rivers flowing through the land makes Bengal one of the unique locations best suited for an architectural couple photoshoot. Therefore, don’t waste a minute to have a photoshoot in one of the homely states of India. 

... of course do not forget to taste those delicious rasgullas of Bengal too. 

6. Pondicherry – Once a French colony, today a representation of cultural influence!

Image courtesy: Webandarts photography

Pondicherry being a colony of the French, has derived a lot of significant postcolonial influence from the French culture, dressing style and architecture. Right from kid’s photoshoot up to our young oldies’ 🤭 photoshoot, Pondicherry has become a famous photographic territory. Therefore grab the opportunity to spend your vacation on this land of ancestral beauty. 

…Couples too cannot miss a chance to have a photoshoot on your honeymoon trip to this beautiful location, Pondicherry 😉!

5. Rajasthan – A mystic love tale amidst royalty!

Image Courtesy: MIT’S photography

The mysterious Rajput palaces and ruins of the Indus valley civilization attracts a huge number of tourists visiting India from all over the world. The place is also the safest because of the hospitable comfort the locals provide you with. Since you guys could zone out due to the heat, you ought to consider having your couple photoshoot usually during the winter evenings. 

…Opt for Jaipur, the pink city so that you can have your romance captured amidst the best!

4. Mumbai – A busy yet a room for romantic couples. 

Image courtesy: Pinterest

The unseasonal rains in Mumbai makes it really romantic for couples because of the Hindi films that promote the tag line, ‘bin mausam ki baarish’. This is why, having a couple photoshoot in our very known mumbai, is a great photoshoot location choice. 

…the safety in Mumbai is questionable, but if you take precautions, then you definitely need not worry!

3. Indore – Best known for Rajwada Palace!

Image Courtesy: FocusNclick Photography

Indore is a go-to city for all the food lovers, and of course women love food. Not just that! It’s been a trading hub right from the 14th century up to  the 21st century. Its palaces, top shopping centers and the surrounding greens makes it a perfect holiday destination for many couples. And to capture all of these rosy moments, you need to hire a professional photographer to pick the best ones in town. 

2. Manali – A hill station ideal for all the romantic bollywood lovers!

Image Courtesy: Vsnapu

Manali is well-known for the picturesque beauty of these Himalayan mountains that is a home to several Bollywood scenes. This jaw-dropping tourist destination entices couples and backpackers as well, because of the peaceful vibe. This ought to be captured in your couple photoshoot, especially during the winters in the mesmerizing snowy falls. 

…carry warm clothes to avoid a shiver in the cold😅

1. Goa – A land nestled with several things other than just romance!😉

Image Courtesy: Team Lokaso

You obviously cannot miss out on checking for the well-known tourist locations of Goa, suitable for a couple photoshoot. This architectural site is sought to amaze you with many photoshoot locations that bring out several colours in a single photograph. The serene beauty of the picturesque shores under the setting sun is an ideal spot for a romantic couple photoshoot

… Not just romance, but a lot more in the bag! Pick out whichever favours you the most. ‘Coz this is possible only in Goa🤗
There’s no need to bang your head to make a choice in selecting your photographers. You can contact us through our website so we can suggest you the best!

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