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Top 7 Must Visit places in Goa during monsoons – 2022

The golden opportunity to experience the true essence of Goa’s nature is best done only during the monsoons. So what if the beaches are not recommended or the watersports are halted? There’s a lot more to Goa than just the shores, clubs and watersports. Check out the top 7 offbeat places you must visit during the monsoons of Goa. Your trip will definitely be a memorable one. 

07. Salaulim Dam

The Salaulim Dam during the monsoons of Goa is a sight to have a heavenly experience. The dam astonishes its visitors with its splendid gushing spray of water, lush green garden and panoramic views for great shots. 

Tip: Be cautious during your ride to the destination. The roads could be slippery due to the rains! 

Location: Curdi Village, Goa

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06. Shiva Falls

Love cold splashes of water? Then you’re sorted, because Goa has numerous waterfalls for its valuable visitors. One of which is the Shiva waterfalls, which remains untouched by tourists and is known to only a few local men. Make sure to visit this hidden gem during the monsoons, to have a breathtaking experience. 

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Location: Canacona, Goa

05. Houses of Goa Museum 

Goa gives us an opportunity to travel back in time and live through the previous centuries. Wondering how? Through its various museums which are like a backdoor to the rich and deep heritage of Goa. It feels as though you are currently living a part of the Indo-Portuguese era. The Houses of Goa Museum is a collection of ancestral houses with its splendid architecture with a ship like structure. It’s a beautiful place to experience the Goan lifestyle inside a small compound. 

Location: Penha de França, Goa

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04. Heart Lake

Other than the beaches, Goa also has a gem that will certainly melt your HEART. There exists a concealed spot near Chicolna which has a heart-shaped lake. Many of the Goans as well as the tourists are unaware of this hidden gem. There’s also a path leading to a cliff known as suicide point which offers a mesmerizing oceanic view of Goa’s sunset.

Location: Chicholna, Goa

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03. Harvalem Falls

Another must to visit places during Goa monsoons is the Harvalem waterfalls. A fascinating feature about this fall is that it has a plunge pool at the bottom where you can swim and chill. At a distance there’s a cave made of iron ore which has its own historical significance. History lovers are just gonna love this monsoon location. 

Tip: Take a guide to acquire detailed knowledge about the Harvalem Caves. And, book a photo friend to bring out the photogenic you! 

Location: Sanquelim, Goa

02. Kakolem Beach

A visit to the unheard and secluded beaches in South Goa, will always be a delight to its visitors, particularly for those who wanna be away from the bustling crowd. To reach Kakolem Beach, you’ll ought to trek. Since it’s a less explored spot, those seeking out for serenity, less crowds and clean blue waves must definitely head right here! 

Tip: Avoid swimming in the Kakolem waters. It’s dangerous due to extreme currents. And be prepared for bad internet connection! However, the sunset is worth a visit! 

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01. Cabo de Rama Cliff View

One of the fascinating beach views one would get in Goa, is from the Cabo de Rama Cliff which is located in a close proximity to the fort. The cliff will further lead you down the beautiful beach. A striking feature of Cabo de Rama is the fresh water spring which connects to the sea. 

Tip: The spring doesn’t change into salt water even upon intersection with the sea. Fascinated right?? Hence, while visiting the Cabo De Rama cliff, make sure to go down the spring as well! 

Location: Canaguinim

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