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Planning your prewedding shoot in Jaipur? Here’s a list of Top 7 Locations that you must consider for your Jaipur prewedding photoshoot!!

Jaipur has often been associated as being the heart of architectural structures of Rajasthan and India as a whole. Jaipur’s marvellous historical ventures into wars that were held by flourishing rulers has indeed proven Rajasthan to be a brave state in the past. Besides their indegenious culture and delicious traditional cuisine, the architectural locations in Jaipur are something you cannot miss to capture during your prewedding photoshoot.

7. Gatore Ki Chhatriyan

Image courtesy: Jaipur_ka_Tukda


Gatore ki chhatriyan is the cremation site that was chosen for the rulers of the bygone eras. Normally, some would freak out hearing the fact that a cremation site is suggested as a place to visit or have a photoshoot. But indeed, it’s a beautiful place to find peace at every corner. You’ll find readers and backpackers visiting this place in order to experience the tranquility captured between these tombs. Also, you can get a lot of photographic places that can provide an archaic atmosphere to your shots. 


Image courtesy: Samode_hotels


Samode Haveli is converted into an impeccable hotel well-known among the tourists. Note that this haveli-turned-resort was built as a vacation home for the royal family. Besides the luxurious rooms, the scenic beauty of the haveli can be a perfect choice for all the guests to have an architectural prewedding couple Photoshoot. May it be backpackers or honeymoon couples, the haveli is an adorning spot for all kinds of photoshoots. 


Image courtesy: Travelmatcha


The Bar Palladio is that one place that can help you experience the blues amidst the pink city. The restaurant is like a dreamland one would always imagine about. Every step gives you surprises engraved within the architecture. Although a professional photoshoot is not allowed within the premises of the structure, you can take prior permission for your photoshoot, and capture yourselves with the best scenic background.

4. Hawa Mahal

Image courtesy: jaipur_graphers


The Hawa Mahal was built centuries ago by Pratap Singh, in order to help the royal women to enjoy watching daily life and celebrations that happened on the street. Since, the Rajasthanis are very strict when it comes to the purdah Pratha, women often missed out on great celebrations. But through this honey-comb styled design, it not only helped women but also made it one of the most admirable palaces in today’s time. The Hawa Mahal derives its name because of the cool breeze from the Venturi effect. The red and pink coloured sandstones provide you with an antique look when captured in professional photographs. Although you are not allowed to have a photoshoot in the interiors, the outer view is more than enough to glamourize your photographs.

3. Sheesh Mahal

Image courtesy: guns_n_rosie

The Sheesh Mahal in Jaipur is the most significant structure you’ll find at the Amer fort. The famous hindi film, Mughal-ae-Azam was also shot at this palace that starred Madhubala as ‘anarkali’ – a perfect palace for her role. The interior architecture is made of precious stones and glass that is worthwhile to capture in your photoshoot. The Sheesh Mahal of Jaipur is an ideal destination for all the heritage lovers traveling to enjoy the historicity of India. Therefore, no doubt, this one should definitely be on your list while opting your pre-wedding photoshoot locations in Jaipur. 

2. Amer Fort

Image courtesy: jaipur_graphers


Forts have always represented the glorious defensive past of the rulers. The Amer fort also had a similar attraction. Built at the hilltop, overlooking the Maota lake, Amer fort has got brilliant architectural styles that provides reasons to make it a UNESCO World Heritage site. The fort has several photographic sites that can be a ‘wow’ during your trip at the Amer fort. 

1. Nahargarh Fort

Image courtesy: rang_de_jaipur


While the fort was being built, legends say that it was haunted by Nahar Singh Bhomia’s spirit, who created obstacles in the construction. However, once the spirit was trapped the fort came to be known by Nahar’s name itself. Every fort has its story, believing it is your choice. But, the sunset view from the fort is the best view at the fort. Since it is on a height, many tourists stay here for the sun to set, thereby giving out peaceful vibes.  The sunsets of Jaipur from this fort can give life to your two dimensional photographs 

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