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Top 7 funny Pre-wedding photoshoot poses every couple ought to try out!

Pre-wedding photoshoots are a great opportunity for couples to have some fun and capture memorable moments before their big day. It is an incredible way to celebrate your love story. Here are a few funny and playful pre-wedding photoshoot poses that you can consider trying. So, embrace the excitement and let your love story shine through these enchanting photographs.

7. Silly Faces

Image credits: Lokaso photoshoot

Make funny and exaggerated facial expressions together. Stick out your tongues, cross your eyes, or give each other silly looks. It’s all about having fun and being playful. These playful poses create a lighthearted and joyful atmosphere, showcasing their genuine connection and adding an element of fun to the photos, ensuring lasting memories of laughter and happiness.

6. Piggyback Ride

Image credits: Lokaso photoshoot

Have the groom give the bride a piggyback ride. This pose can create a lighthearted and carefree moment between the couple. The classic piggyback ride is always a fun option. For added flair, have the bride carry the groom for a gender role reversal.

5. Balloon Fun

Use colourful balloons and play around with them. You can have a playful balloon fight or release them into the air, creating a whimsical atmosphere. If you don’t care much about your outfits, then one could also play a balloon fight with colourful water splash! 

4. Funny Props

Image credits: Lokaso photoshoot

Incorporate props like oversized glasses, moustaches, or funny hats. Let your personalities shine through and have a good laugh together. Create custom signboards with humorous messages or playful declarations of love. Hold them up in the photos, adding a touch of humour and personalization. Just how the guy in the above photograph is mimicking the other statues, one could use something similar to create more humour!

3. Jumping Shot

Image credits: Lokaso photoshoot

Jump in the air together, holding hands, if not, let the groom jump high while the girl blows him a kiss. This pose can capture a moment of excitement and joy as you leap together. 

2. The Fake Proposal

Stage a humorous proposal scene where one partner comically gets down on one knee, only to present a silly item instead of a ring, like a toy or a bouquet of vegetables. If done in a moment of surprise for your girl, then this pose will definitely create hilarious candid poses. 

1. The Goofy Dancing

Image credits: Lokaso photoshoot

Let loose and show off your best dance moves together. Whether it’s a silly disco move or a spontaneous jig, dancing can bring out the laughter and create a lively atmosphere. Not just that, it also shows off your comfort with each other that’ll be captured for life!

Hope our suggestions of these funny pre-wedding photoshoot poses are worth a try! Contact Lokaso photoshoot to book your Photographer now! 

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