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Top 7 facts you ought to know about Jaipur during your next Jaipur trip!

Considered as one of the most bustling and happening cities, Jaipur is not just the capital of India’s flamboyant desert state, but is also one of the most cherished historical and cultural treasures of india. There are uncountable spots you ought to visit in order to taste traditionality. Hence, learning some facts about Jaipur will help you plan a journey that’ll provide you with a unique experience.

7. When’s the tourist season in Jaipur?

Travelling to Jaipur between October and March is considered the most beneficial. The scorching heat of the summers can diminish your mood and enthusiasm. The weather in the winters welcomes you with a comparatively lower temperature. Hence, it is considered as the best time to visit Jaipur. The semi-arid climate of Jaipur makes it extremely hot during summers and pleasantly cold during winters. 

Apart from temperature, Jaipur holds many festivals and events that are unique to the city. Most of these festivals fall in between October to March giving you a definite reason to travel during recommended months. 

6. A little conservative mindset! 

Locals of Jaipur are slightly conservative when it comes to societal norms. They prefer to stick to their customs and culture rather than accepting the foreign world. They’re traditional in every way and everything they do, specifically the women covering themselves from tip to toe. Therefore, it is suggested to wear their traditional outfits or else clothes that are not much body revealing.  

We totally understand the feminist viewpoints when it comes to what one should wear. But when we travel to different places, we enter into another culture. Likewise, when we travel to Jaipur, we need to know about such facts and must respect their culture in every possible way, or atleast for one’s safety for that matter😅. However, the locals are very much hospitable and provide warmth and comfort wherever required.

5.  Jaipur has been a part of the Golden Tourism Triangle

The pink city is a part of the Golden Tourism Triangle of the country; the other two cities that form this triangle are Delhi and Agra. The Golden Tourism Triangle suggests that Jaipur is one of the most visited places in India. It is obvious that the land has to be a busy place because of its maximum iconic royal architecture. 

4. Jaipur has got the biggest Circular Park in Asia!

Located at 13 km from the Jaipur Junction Railway Station along Malviya Nagar near Sanganer Airport, Jawahar Circle park is a beautiful place to relax. Besides the jogging track and the play area, it has also got food stalls that serve yummylicious bites to munch on while admiring the musical fountain with variants of more than 290 light effects. The place is also famous for the Patrika gate that gives a sneak peek into the culture of Jaipur through its creative paintings.

3. Home to some famous and expensive suites of the world – Royalty at hand!

When staying is as essential as a destination, a starred hotel is what you look for. Initially known as palaces and now as luxurious resorts and hotels, several accommodations at Jaipur provide you with the wow factor. With the amenities these suites offer, you can experience a royal stay, getting pampered at the spas, dining at the connoisseur restaurants and enjoying every worthy pay. Most of the hotels are situated at a height which gives its guests an astonishing view to gaze at. To name a few, Samode Palace, Radisson, Rambagh palace, all of these are sure to amaze you with their standard of beauty. Undoubtedly, you will certainly enjoy your stay and find every penny worth it. 

Check out the top rated Jaipur hotels to have a happy stay! 

2. Final destination for the shopaholics 

Jaipur’s architectural spots might be the most talked about destinations, but many miss out to the endless things that make it a must-to-visit shopping destination. One of the well known facts of Jaipur is that, it has some of the most colourful and crowded markets in Rajasthan which provide its buyers with everything from pins to cars. These will enrich your shopping experience tenfold. If you’re a shopaholic then Jaipur might convert you into a spendthrift for good😉. At the several markets of Jaipur, right from Johari bazaar upto Chandpole bazar, you can collect all of the things you are probably looking out for. Therefore, make use of this interesting fact of Jaipur during your next trip. 

1. Home to professional yet friendly photographers!😍

Being famous for its royal infrastructure and other sightseeing attractions, you shouldn’t lose the opportunity to get yourself clicked for some fantastic memories to cherish in the future ahead. Hence, you are set to find some of the keen yet photo enthusiasts at Jaipur efficient enough to provide all the services related to photography. Some of the best include Lokaso photography, Candid Life Photography and Matrix Studio – their photographs will give you another chance to relive moments in your trip. 

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