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Top 7 trendy bachelorette party ideas you will love to try out in Goa!

One would definitely agree that a bachelorette party is the most awaited pre-wedding bash for every bride-to-be as this is the last toast to the bride’s singlehood. Currently, several ideas of bachelorette parties are going way beyond just simple night outs. With changing times, one needs to think about something beyond the normal. But of course, planning this most anticipated day could get on your nerves. Hence, here’s the list of the top 10 latest ideas for your bachelorette party.

7. Adventure is a pass time, you got to enjoy it!

If you are one of those adventure freaks, book your girl gang for an adventurous group parachute ride. Here, you can enjoy yourself and literally soar high like a free bird. Parachute rides don’t work? Well, long road trips at parra road with geared bikes at a picturesque landscape could be a great idea! Don’t forget to carry your license – or you might have to invite cops to your party as a small bribe 😂

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6. Bring out the fashionista within you!

Girls have always longed to bring out that secret fashionista within them. So, here’s a golden opportunity knocking at your door! Plan a fashion show in your Goa hotel room, with themed outfits you always wanted to wear. Girls love dressing up as princesses, even though they’ve grown into adults. So, a ramp walk with characters from Disneyland could be a cute start to your bachelorette party. 

If the Disney World doesn’t work out for you, choose anything you adore. May it be a Halloween party or a strip dance😅, you’re bound to enjoy every moment of your last night as a bachelorette in Goa.  

5. Relive your memories as a child in an ancestral Goan home! 

If you plan to hold your bachelorette bash with a homely vibe, then it could be an elegant choice to book an ancestral Portuguese home in Goa for a few days. Along with a cozy evening, candlelight balcony setting and the company of your drunk friends you can play her favourite memories of childhood on a projector. You guys can also play the games she adored as a child.  

However, do not let the party get boring with games like hide & seek. Once done chasing the childhood memories, get set for some sassy adult games😉. It’s her bachelorette night, adult fun is definitely a must! 

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4. Party on a mini cruise or yacht in Goa

Celebrate your bachelorette with a swag by stepping aboard on a mini cruise or a yacht. Enjoy the beautiful sunset amidst the deep blue sea, with long chit-chats, partying overnight. This could be a good getaway option to take a break from routine life and play the pause button for one last night. 

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3. Casinos are definitely thrilling! 

Casino culture is getting popular in recent years. You could either head to a casino like big daddy in Goa or rather host a casino night at your home itself. Have tempting prizes, to lure your guests so that the excitement level rises ten fold.

2. Surprise Destination escape

An escape from your hometown from the hectic wedding preparations is a must for every bride. Get your gang ready, to enjoy a weekend at a whole new place. A trip, similar to Zindagi na Milegi Dobara, could make your life exciting! Thereby, making you happily prepared for the new life to begin! 

A Goa trip for your bachelorette party could be one of the best ideas to pick! 

1. Glamping amidst the woods

Everyone must have heard about camping. But what could glamping exactly mean? Well, Glamping simply means camping with glam! This can be really fun, having gala time outdoors in the woods with a bit of home comforts in your tents. Goa offers a lot of camping spots like Cola Beach, which has a scenic view of the sea and a clean space to enjoy. At your camp, you girls can dance, drink and have fun at the campfire. 

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Small Tip: Invite over a photo friend

Image courtesy: Lokaso Photoshoot

We agree that girls are born as photo-lovers and hence have a great taste in photography. But, having a professional photographer for a professional shoot is highly recommended, ‘coz a bachelorette will just come once! 

Now that we’ve sorted you out with the top ideas to have a bang on your bachelorette party, plan your trip to Goa! And to get the best photoshoot services, contact Lokaso, your photo friend! 

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