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Top 5 local tips of the week : by locals @Lokaso app

Lokaso App encourages the locals to give away tips about the Unconventional side of Goa. Even the classic Sun, Sand and Sea seems more beautiful from places that are hardly popular amongst the tourists. Here are a few posts that caught our eye highlighting the not-so-famous things of our beautiful state.

1. Vainguinim Beach


Lokaso Tip: “A quiet, offbeat beach to enjoy some peace and quiet.” – Soujanya Rai

A small stretch of a silver sand beach along the shores of Donapaula and Bambolim is Vainguinim Beach. Seldom visited by tourists, this place is a haven for people seeking for a peaceful yet safe spot to chill. It has numerous resorts in the vicinity and is surrounded by greenery all around to balance the ecosystem of that area.

2. Jacinto Island


Lokaso Tip: “The beautiful island of Sao Jacinto Island in South Goa” – Rhea Dias

Sao Jacinto Island is very famous for the Bollywood movies shot on its Portuguese-style Silver Gate Bridge and St. Hyacinth Cathedral. The island is connected to the nearest part of the mainland by this bridge. It is located just few kilometres away from the Dabolim International Airport in Vasco Da Gama. The island also has an old Portuguese lighthouse, from where you can enjoy the breathtakingly beautiful view of the Goa Harbour.

3. Hotel Plantain Leaf


Lokaso Tip: “If you’re around Calangute, This is a perfect meal for lunch – South Indian Thali “ – Sanjeevni Singh

Hotel Plantain Leaf is one of the very few restaurants that offer a wholesome South Indian Vegetarian meal to the people of Goa. It is a delight to every vegetarian who wants a change from his usual Bhaji Pao or Xitt Kodi. Located in Calangute, this place is forever buzzing with tourists in and around India. Their Special Thali is very affordable and is a people’s favourite.

4. Anjuna Flea Market


Lokaso Tip: “Shopping Time… Street Shoppings are the best!!” – Anjali Naik

Anjuna is a renowned hide-out for Hippies all around the world. And this flea market was started as “a small Hippie-exchange” in 60s that got spread along the coast of Anjuna in the duecourse. It is a One-stop shop for every streeet shopper. You can find a melange of Indian Trinkets, handicrafts and other souvenirs over here. It is operational only during the months of October-March.

5. Divar Island


Lokaso Tip: “Its an awesome place in Diwar.. #Tracks.. Best place and amazing scenes !!” – Pranali Shetty

The island of Divar can only be reached by a ferry ride from both its sides – One from Old Goa and the other from Narwe. An array of elegant Portuguese houses adorn this picturesque island. What most of the people are not aware of is the fantastic view one can get from its railway tracks. The Konkan Railway passes through the village and over the waters of Divar to reach the nearest train station at Carambolim.

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