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Looking for the perfect date night? Discover the Top 5 Dreamy Date night spots of Dubai!

Whether you’re looking to impress a new flame or rekindle the romance with your partner, the city of Dubai offers an array of date night spots that blend romance with a dash of memory lanes. Let’s check out the top 5 date night spots in Dubai for a romantic evening with your love! 

5. La Nina: The Spanish Charmer 

La Nina Dubai Date night spots

Imagine walking into La Nina, a restaurant that seems to have been plucked straight from the pages of a romance novel set in Spain. The dim lighting and rich décor immediately sets the mood for love. The menu at La Nina is a culinary journey through Mediterranean flavors with a modern twist. Dishes are meticulously crafted, combining fresh ingredients with innovative cooking techniques to create a symphony of taste.

Small tip: Don’t forget that churros are for sharing—unless you want to see that charming smile turn into a disappointed pout.

Extra Information:

  • Location: Trade Center, DIFC
  • Timings: Everyday, 12pm to 1 am
  • Contact for bookings: +971 4 395 1300 
  • Instagram Page: La Nina, Dubai

4. Amelia, Downtown Dubai: Jet-Set Romance

Amelia - Dubai Date night spots
Image Courtesy: thehuntr.com

Stepping into Amelia in Downtown Dubai is like embarking on a journey across continents without leaving the city. The ambiance is chic and sophisticated, with a hint of playful mystery. The fusion menu will take your taste buds on a world tour, much like the whirlwind romance you’re already experiencing.

Small tip: Signature dishes include the black truffle risotto and the wagyu beef tenderloin, which are sure to impress your palate!

Extra Information:

  • Location: Downtown, Dubai
  • Timings: Everyday, 7pm to 3 am
  • Contact for bookings: +971 4 328 2805 
  • Instagram Page: Amelia Restaurant, Dubai

3. Chaihona: The quirky Casbah 

Chaihona - Dubai Date night spots
Image Courtesy: Chaihona 

Now, if you’re looking to spice things up—quite literally—Chaihona is the place to be. With a blend of Central Asian and Middle Eastern flavors, this spot is perfect for couples who are a little adventurous with their palate. But beware: sharing that extra-spicy lamb kebab might not be the best idea if you haven’t packed some breath mints. 

Small tip: Those shisha pipes look romantic in theory, but the reality of trying to gracefully exhale smoke without coughing up a lung could be a real challenge!

Extra Information:

  • Location: Dubai Marina
  • Timings: Everyday, 9am to 1 am
  • Contact for bookings: +971 4 572 3785 
  • Instagram Page: Chaihona by Vasilchuki

2. Ninive: Desert Dreamscape

Ninive Dubai
# Dubai Date night spots

Stepping into Ninive feels like entering a desert oasis straight out of the pages of Arabian Nights. With its lush greenery and low seating, you and your date can recline like royals as you enjoy the Middle Eastern delicacies.

Small tip: Highlights include the seafood paella and the lamb tagine, which are perfect for sharing!

Extra Information:

  • Location: Jumeirah Emirates Tower, Dubai
  • Timings: Everyday, 6pm to 3am
  • Contact for bookings: +971 4 326 6105 
  • Instagram Page: Ninive Dubai

1. Above Eleven: Sky-High Courtship

Above Eleven Dubai
# Dubai Date night spots

Perched on a rooftop with a panoramic view of the city, Above Eleven is as close to heaven as it gets without leaving Earth. The Peruvian-Japanese fusion cuisine is sure to impress, but let’s be honest—it’s the view that seals the deal.

Small tip: The ceviche and the sushi rolls at Above Eleven are a must try! 

Extra Information:

  • Location: Marriott Resort Palm Jumeirah, Dubai
  • Timings: Everyday, 4pm to 1am
  • Contact for bookings: +971 4 666 1420
  • Instagram Page: Above Eleven Dubai

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