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Top 10 Tips For Maternity Photoshoots- A Must For All The Professionals!!!

Being a mother altogether is the most needed experience a woman could ever wish for. The reaction, the echo of the first heartbeat and all the events up to the crowning of the child is a must to capture under the lens. To not miss a single moment, one must choose the right person and have maternity photoshoots with the best. And if you as a professional, is not able to give great results, then you may be smashed down with rotten tomatoes.  Hence, keep in mind some of these few tips to have a memorable shoot. 

1. Prepare the right lens!

Image Courtesy: TechRadar

In most cases 50mm focal length is best suited for indoor as well as outdoor shoots. They are considered as an ideal lens you would ever want to choose. Therefore, opt for this one to get a real good outcome. 

2. Choose the props for your maternity photoshoots wisely

Image Courtesy: Our Art World

Props definitely add some interest into the photographs, but using too much of those can spoil the entire portrait. Choose the right prop that best suits your theme and avoid using too much of those in every photograph.

3. Be well-prepared to shoot your aim!

You ought to compulsorily have an aim in mind. Decide a theme, according to your maternity photoshoots’ location and preference and have a prior discussion with your client. Remember that the final outcome needs to be your choice with a vision of theirs. Let them see their preferences, recreated in your own version.

4. Don’t create a fake candid!

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Candid poses are definitely good, but if they look scripted, then it gives out a false aura. Therefore, try explaining angles to your clients that will look natural. Don’t capture the fake smiles or the fake poses, but instead capture as many real poses as possible.

5. The Location needs to be comfortable!

Image Courtesy: Team Lokaso

Whether it is an indoor or outdoor maternity photoshoots, try to choose a location that will allow the mother to be comfortable at all times. Especially, if it’s an outdoor shoot, make sure to avoid places that are too humid under the afternoon sun. Sunrise and sunsets are the best time to have an outdoor photoshoot.

6. Highlight the baby bump

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At all times, do not forget the main reason to have your shoot. In every single picture the baby bump needs to be highlighted. Suggest your client too to wear clothes that will provide a cool look to her belly.

7. Be creative!

Image courtesy: Team Lokaso

Maternity photoshoots are the best kind of shoots to test your creativity. You can either rock the shoot or you may spoil it with your creativity levels 🤭, just kidding! I mean, test your ideas prior to the shoot. By avoiding the clichés, try to be as creative as possible. This will help your clients love you for your originality.

8. A close up too is a must!

Image Courtesy: Mom Loves Best

You may avoid taking many close ups but do include such photographs. Close ups of the couple and the family will portray more emotions and love within the four corners of the image.

9. Don’t forget the fathers that are also due!

Image Courtesy: Michael Kormos Photography

At times you may focus too much on the mother, and tend to forget the father. Remember that the man is also preparing for the baby and that needs to be captured in a few shots. While you focus on the mother and her baby, include the love of the father too with some comforting poses.

10. Creating well-suited compositions will prove to be great

Image courtesy: Kinga Szulc Photography

When you are all set with the photographs and are up for some edits, try and use a good blend of colour composition that can highlight her tummy and herself most importantly. 

Now that you are all set for your maternity photoshoot, book your maternity photoshoot with Lokaso, to get the best out of your photoshoot experience. 

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