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5 tips to choose the perfect Outfits for your family photoshoot during your Goa trip!

“Some family trees bear an enormous crop of nuts😂”– Wayne Huizenga. Families are the only place where one can guess who exactly is coming down the stairs by the sound of their weird footsteps😅. That’s because the bond you share represents the growth you’ve had over the years together under a common roof. All of your weirdness, craziness and togetherness is the most one would want to capture in their family photoshoot. And to make your photoshoot a perfect one, one also needs to decide on some great outfits. However, deciding the perfect outfits may seem challenging. Planning well in advance will not only take away any photoshoot hassle, but will surely make your photos dance merrily. Hence, use these family photoshoot tips to help you pick some perfect outfits for you and your family.

5. Avoid matching, just coordinate

Family photoshoot tips

#Family Photoshoot at Palolem Beach

Gone are the days when it was a trend to wear matching outfits. Trends are changing and thus, it’s time to pick colours for your outfits that don’t really match. It actually looks way better if you don’t match but just coordinate & make the most of the moment rather than just looking right into the camera. It will be more attractive and interesting if there are varieties in the photos. At the end of the shoot you definitely don’t want passport emotions on your family pictures. Hence, play it up!

4. Consider the background or location

Goa Family photoshoot with team lokaso

#Family Photoshoot with Lokaso Photography

Do consider the background as it plays a vital role in picking your outfits. For Goa family photoshoot, we recommend beach sunset shots, Coconut trees’ background, a church or an old Portuguese architecture. For instance, if your location is at the beachside then you should opt for something light coloured or floral. If it’s with a church backdrop, you need to wear formals.

3. Stay away from heavy logos and writings

Image courtesy: Lokaso Photoshoot

The heavy writings on clothes often lure the attention! So if you wear something with heavy logos or writings, the eyes of the viewers, including your own, will automatically get attracted to those writings instead of your face. 

Hence follow our family photoshoot tips and make sure you avoid wearing  something with such writings. Instead, you can opt for simple prints or self-coloured outfits as seen in the above photograph. 

2. Avoid looking like a weirdo!

Ever heard the proverb “Odd one out”? When you decide on the outfits of everybody, make sure nobody in the picture looks odd. As that person will look strange in these photos. For instance, if everybody opts for some dark-coloured t-shirt but one of your family members has chosen a fluorescent green then that person will surely look odd and inferior in the photo. Agreed? But not to worry. There’s a solution for this too. To keep away from such a mess try laying all the chosen outfits in a queue in front of you and check if any of them is looking odd. This will help you check if all of them compliment each other.

1. Avoid being overly dressed!

Image courtesy: Lokaso Photoshoot

#Family Photoshoot during Goa Trip

I’m sure we’ve come across instances where we see some photographs and giggle out looking at how seriously people take their photoshoots. While some dress like mannequins of gold display, few others as models for winter shoot under the scorching summer heat😅. Make sure, you all dress decently. Avoid unnecessary accessories and irrelevant fashion styles. Dress according to the kind of shoot you choose. If it’s a function, dressing traditionally would go great, likewise if it’s a holiday family photoshoot, then simple street style would go great!

Hope after reading our tips to choose your outfits for a Goa family photoshoot, you are now relaxed about the confusions you were facing.

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