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The 7 best BBQ restaurants in Goa- 2020

When the average dinner does not cut it anymore.There’s something supremely satisfying about a whole lot of roasted meat —beautifully browned with crisp skin and juicy, succulent meat. Most of us have a mental photo gallery of the BBQ’s we’ve eaten in our lifetimes, especially if they were standouts.

Maybe you can make plenty more, right here in Goa. Lets check em out.

7. Barbeque Nation, Panjim

Barbeque Nation, Panjim

Image courtesy : Burrp

In the mood to pamper your taste buds? You’ve come to the right place. One of the most successful casual dining chains in India, Barbeque Nation revolutionised the country’s concept of live grills embedded under dining tables – allowing customers to grill their own barbecue’s right at their tables.

Barbeque Nation, Panjim

Image courtesy: Nearbuy

For 700 bucks, you can eat all you want. And it’s not just the BBQ’s either. They have an entire buffet. Complete with Indian desserts, Kulfi, Kheer and Gulab Jamuns to name a few.

Address : 5th Floor, Caculo Mall, 16 Shanta, Near Vintage Hospital, St Inez Rd, Panjim

Phone : 0832 606 0008/ 77188 82304

6. The Roadhouse Bar and Grill, Agonda

The Roadhouse Bar and Grill, Agonda

Image courtesy : TripAdvisor

From mouth-watering steak to delicious burgers and healthy salads, enjoy all your favourite traditional classics with Roadhouse’s signature contemporary twist. All in a chilled out, open beachside setting.

Over the years, Roadhouse has most certainly established their barbecue bona fides, with consistent 10/10 reviews by customers and critics alike.
Address : Dhwalkhajan, Agonda, South Goa

Phone : 80073 54057

5. Route 66, Panjim

 Route 66, Panjim

Image courtesy: Foodies

At Route 66, heat ‘n’ meat is at the heart of their passion for American BBQ.

Why dine at Route 66? For starters, there’s no better place in the state to get a true American fix. These aren’t just any old burgers. These are mouth-watering flavour bombs, meaty creations stacked high with bacon and sausages and BBQ patties and cheese and spicy Mexican peppers.

Prepared in full view on an open fire on the restaurant’s terrace, this is just about as good as any hamburger CAN be.

Address : Avanti Hotel, Rua de Ourem,, Opposite Patto Bridge, Panjim

Phone : 0832 245 4545/ 96239 22796

4. Cidade de Goa, Panjim

Cidade de Goa, Panjim

Image courtesy : Cidade De Goa

Cidade de Goa’s barbeque has a unique feature which enables the customers to choose their ingredient and have the masterchef cook them to one’s liking. You can pick your preference from a wide range of succulent meats, vegetables and fresh Goan seafood.

Select the marinade or preparation that’s perfect for you. And voila!  Watch the chefs in the show kitchen create pure deliciousness with them on the open grills and tandoor.

Address: Vainguinim Beach, Panjim

Phone Number: 0832 245 4545

3. Aladdin’s BBQ place, Arambol


Aladdin’s BBQ place brings you a contemporary twist on classic items. The food is rustic, fresh and honest; a trait that Aladdin’s has built a reputation on. The seating includes oldschool bamboo chairs and greenery all around. Theres also plenty of fish BBQ’s to try from.

Address : Girkarwada Villa Joao, Arambol

Phone : 088064 74206/ 98348 46788

2. Simply Grills, Panjim

Simply Grills, Panjim

Image courtesy : Flickr

We dare you to find a better looking BBQ joint than this. The view here is unlike anything you’ve ever seen. The gorgeous sea facing view complements every bite you take. And the service is something else all together. All in all, simply grills truly lives upto its name.

Address : Goa Marriott Resort, Panjim, Goa

Phone : 0832 2463333/ 0832 6656182

1.  Karlton’s Horizon Grill, Candolim

Karlton's Horizon Grill, Candolim

Image courtesy : Goaholidayhomes

Image courtesy : Horizongrills.com

Karlton’s Horizon Grill, Candolim

A lot of people complain that barbecue just isn’t what it used to be. Karlton’s Horizon Grill is here to prove otherwise. A new generation of pit masters and grill masters at Karlton’s have applied time-honored smoking and grilling techniques to the kind of meat most of us want to eat today.

The ambience, the service, food, everything is really good!

Address : 443/D1 Vaddy, Main Candolim Sinquerim Road, Candolim

Phone : 80073 54057/ 86059 68813

You may not be able to personally visit these places due to the current situation and celebrate family parties. But you can definetely wish your dear ones staying at home. Contact us at Lokaso and we can help you create sweet video wishes for them.

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