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How to experience the best Sunset Cruise in Goa on a Private Yacht?

Goa and Sunset have an unbreakable bond whatsoever. People from all over the world pour in to experience the Best sunsets Cruises in Goa by the sea, on a breezy beach. But, But, Did you know you might just have an even better Sunset view of Goa from a Private Yacht? 😮 Well, we didn’t too. Very recently, we went on the most amazing Sunset Cruise in Goa. To be realistic, it was a Sunset Yacht Ride in Goa along the mesmerising waters of Mandovi. And boy, we must say that the experience we had is something we will always cherish for life.

So here we are sharing our Goa Sunset Cruise experience with you for you to not miss out on this gem during your Goa Trip.

Cruising into Sunset with Fun Cruises Goa

If you have always dreamed of enjoying a mesmerising sunset cruise on a yacht, then we can surely vouch for Goa as the destination for you to fulfil that wish.  In the two hours that we spent on board, the cruise passed through the scenic Mandovi Bridge, the forts of Reis Magos – Aguada, the artistic lanes of Kala Academy and lots and lots of greenery. Happiness is when you look at the sun slowly sinking beneath the horizon in the fiery crimson sky. Life feels good all of a sudden after watching the sunset on a Yacht. It feels as if you’re floating on the water and moving closer towards the sunset with every second. 

Sunset Cruises in Goa - Fun Cruises Goa

Credits: Shubhamoy Mondal

Live BBQ & Beer while watching Sunset in Goa

If watching the sunset with your significant other wasn’t magical enough, Fun Cruises make you feel extra special with Live BBQ & Beer experience on a yacht. You get to choose between the type of meat and the marinades you would like to be barbecued during your cruise ride. With some aromatic and juicy barbecue in your hand and chilled beer by your side, all it takes is a ride with Fun Cruises to pep up your mood on a weekend. Did we miss good music to top all of this? Well, they’ve got your back on that as well. 

Live BBQ & Beer on a Yacht in Goa -Sunset Cruise in Goa - Fun Cruises Goa

Credits: Shubhankar Kundaikar


From spell-binding views to on board entertainment, our time on the cruise was surely a memory of a lifetime.

While there are loads of local boat tours which will take you around, this particular tour was definitely worth doing because it’s a Private Yacht and its for a longer duration unlike the normally crowded Cruises in Goa. Between the good vibes set by the crew, topped with stunning scenery of Goa, fantastic BBQ food and ice cold beer, this trip comes highly recommended.

Sunset in Goa - Sunset Cruise in Goa with Live BBQ

How to book your Yacht in Goa ?

When you are searching to rent a yacht in Goa, there are some things you have to think about. First, why are you going? Depending on whether you are celebrating with the one you love or going with a larger party, you will have a different experience.

The more people that accompany you, the larger the yacht you will need to rent. And Fun Cruises have 3 different Yachts to choose from. Second, consider the amenities that you expect to have. For example, If you are looking for adventures, you will need to place your request to indulge in water sports or fishing in Goa. The larger yachts of Fun Cruises have a Luxury room and a lounge area as well available for you to use. The third consideration is regarding the inland water route. You can choose any river route as per your choice of are to explore in Goa. 

Once you have decided on the above, you can go ahead and book your yacht in Goa over here. 


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