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Summer Tips in Goa to make the most of your vacation

Everyone thinks of Goa when they think of summer fun – after all, where could you find better sand, surf, and cruises?

Of course, there’s more to Goa than just getting a tan – there are also plenty of fun events, cruises, activities and more to get you and the whole family set for summer.

If you’re planning a visit Goa in the summer, check out our list of must-see summer tips in Goa that’ll help you on your trip.

5. Dress appropriately

Pack up your flip flops as they would be your best friends throughout the trip. It may be tempting to roam shirtless, but it’s highly not recommended. Goa is pretty sunny for the most part of the day, especially during summers. You could are bound to get severely sunburnt. So play smart and wear a cotton t-shirt for the most part of your journey. Even a tank top will do.

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4. Keep over the counter drugs ready at all times

Goa is pretty safe when it comes to any sort of diseases. However, it’s best to keep some drugs handy. Like Germolene for rashes.

ORS sachets are also a must, just in case you get diarrhea.  

Carrying a hand sanitizer around is also a good idea. Above all be sure to make judicious use of Mosquito repellents.

3. Carry plenty of Sunscreen

Seems like pretty much a no brainer. Yet a lot of people forget to carry sunscreen around when on a beach in Goa. This will protect your skin from much damage from the sun. Apply sunscreen before leaving for a beach and keep it handy on the beach as well. It is best if you apply it every 2 hours when at a beach, as the sweat and water may wipe it away.

There are also plenty of water-resistant sunscreen options in the market. So keep a look out as they are worth the extra price.

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2. Carry some Moisturiser whenever possible

Goa’s beach air during the summer can be very harsh. This can very easily remove the natural oils from your face and you’re before you know it, your skin gets dry. It is important to moisturize your skin on the beach, apart from applying sunscreen. Apply a good moisturizer all over your face and neck. You can also apply it on to your hands and arms for the extra all round repair.

sunscreen for beach - best sunscreen goa - calamine goa moisturiser
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1. Sample the local varieties of liquor- feni and Urrak- with caution  

Well, it’s the Feni season in Goa. So if you’ve never tried some before, be sure to give it a try. The exquisite taste and unavailability anywhere else in the entire country makes chugging down an entire bottle of Feni or urrak very tempting, to say the least. Smooth as they may taste,  make no mistake- they are extremely potent.

Be sure to add Limca, lime, and Chilli to the urrak and make some ‘Jungle Juice’.

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