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Sightseeing In Goa Like Never Before: 20 Mind-blowing Tips From Lokaso App

Featured: Sarzora Lake Captured by Adonis Mascarenhas

Goa – A place where on one hand you have plush beaches and on the other hand you have the most beautiful landscapes that makes you wonder if time ever laid its hands on her.

From the best places to visit in Goa to the must do things in goa, Lokaso app can make some great travel tips and recommends by the locals reach you in no time. In case you wanted to see all the best tips together at one shot, Say no more! Here’s bringing you the top 20 local tips from Lokaso app to make your ‘Sightseeing in Goa’ easier than ever:

P.S: All the places below are tips posted by locals on Lokaso Android app and are listed in no particular order 

20. Konkan Railway Bridge, Divar Island, Goa

Konkan Railway Bridge at Diwr Island, Goa - Sightseeing in Goa

Lokaso Tip:  “The Konkan Rail Bridge in Diwar-Naroa is a fun and at the same time, a scary place to be. Walk across the bridge to have a thrillsome experience. Beware of the trains” – Marlon Moraes

The island of Divar can only be reached by a ferry ride from both its sides – One from Old Goa and the other from Narwe. An array of elegant Portuguese houses adorn this picturesque island. What most of the people are not aware of is the fantastic view one can get from its railway tracks. The Konkan Railway passes through the village and over the waters of Divar to reach the nearest train station at Carambolim.

19. Butterfly Beach, South Goa

Butterfly Beach, Goa - Sightseeing in Goa

Lokaso Tip:  “A Beautiful cove only few people know about. Its a small beach with Green waters and with an overhead cliff to hang around. A perfect spot for a night/dayout” – Shivam Naik shirodkar

Located on the island, the butterfly beach is a secluded stretch of seashore with perfectly white sands and blue-green waters. Not many tourists prefer to come to this place as there is no direct access to the island. It has dense vegetation around and can be reached only through two ways- a short boat ride from Palolem beach or a 2 hour long trek through the forest. Either ways, it does count as an adventure to try at least once.

18. Parra, Goa

Parra - Sightseeing in Goa

Lokaso Tip:  “One of the most famous roads in Goa, often seen in movies. A bike ride on this road in Parra, with lush coconut trees on either sides, is a must” – Marlon Moraes

Take a road trip through the exquisite lanes of Parra with lush Palm grove on its either sides and witness the true beauty of nature. These simple and narrow roads can give you the sense of being alive. One cannot help but pause for few mins to inhale the view of the fields that are famous for watermelon cultivation. One cannot leave the village without visiting the popular Church of St. Anne and the local lake named Ganesh Tollem. 

17. Japanese Garden, Vasco da gama, Goa

Japanse Garden, Vasco - Sightseeing in Goa

Lokaso Tip:  “From here,the view of Arabian sea is breathtaking. Owing to its elevation, you get to see the virigin beach from the top. Use the stairs to explore th beach” – Rajat Kishore

This Garden is situated atop a hill in a place called Sada in Vasco Da Gama giving a breathtaking view of the Arabian sea. Maintained by the Mormugao Port Trust, this place is well-manicured and safe to visit and is usually frequented by the locals and children. Down the garden is also a small beach for you to wade into the waters of the Arabian sea. It’s one of the best places to catch Sunsets in Goa.

16. Anjuna – Vagator hills, Goa

Anjuna-Vagator Hill - Sightseeing in Goa

Lokaso Tip:  “In Vagator mountain near Ozran Beach (Little Vagator), there is a nice place to visit during the evenings for a peaceful hangout with friends and family”- Shivang Mishra

Turned up 22 km from the Panaji, the Vagator beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Goa that is enclosed with soft white sand and speckled by huge black rocks, coconut & palm trees. It is famous due to its dynamic cliffs and its secluded nature.

15. Chopdem, Pernem, Goa

Chopdem, Pernem - Sightseeing in Goa

Lokaso Tip:  “A one of a kind stay and sightseeing trip by Lost Paradise Goa for all those looking for an offbeat experience in Goa” – Estean Afonso

Chopdem is ideally situated north of the banks of river Chapora. Compared to other parts of Goa, Chopdem is relatively quite with a few social bars and cafes for rendezvous. Cruises, House boats, fishing, dolphin trip in Chapora river are some of the services offered by Lost Paradise in a peaceful area called Chopdem in North Goa. They are also the first ones to introduce sky surfing or sky boarding in Goa. You cn

14. Bridge from Aldona to Calvim, Goa

Aldona-Calvim Bridge - Sightseeing in Goa

Lokaso Tip:  “The bridge that connects Aldona to Calvim, built after years of request by its villagers. A very nice place to sit and relax” – Wesley Maciel

The Aldona-Calvim bridge project was undertaken by GSIDC and is of significant importance to the residents of the villages of Aldona and the island of Calvim who were dependent on the ferry boat service prior to the construction of the bridge. It is an architectural marvel that has earned honours at the national competition for professionals on structured steel design and construction. A proud moment for the state indeed!  😀 

13. Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary, Goa

Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary - Sightseeing in Goa

Lokaso Tip:  “Visit the bondla zoo or just go for a trek in the wilderness over here. Just 60 kms away from Panjim, this is the best place to rejuvenate and breathe in Nature’s beauty” – Santosh P

Bondla is the smallest of the wildlife sanctuaries in Goa.  It’s a zoo within a small reserved area offering a number of nature trails and paid elephant rides through the jungle. They also have small eco-cottages for the nature lovers to take a halt, if desired. Best part of the visit is the drive to and from, whereby you go up through some densely forested hills. 

12. Donapaula, Goa

Donapaula Jetty & Beach - Sightseeing in Goa

Lokaso Tip:  “If you’re at Donapaula, go down the slope and spend sometime over there. Peace will be your greatest friend” – Jyoti Maurya

Located around 7 km away from Panjim, the DonaPaula Jetty can be reached by availing a bus or motorcycle-taxi from Panjim. A number of local buses to Dona Paula depart every 15 minutes from Panjim Bus Terminal. The suicide point at Donapaula is one of the most amazing spots to catch the best sunsets in Goa. It has a good, breezy view of the sun and sea with Mormugao Harbour on one side and the open stretch of Arabian Sea on the other, perfect for a sunset.

11. Jacinto Island, Vasco da gama, Goa

Jacinto Island, Vasco - Sightseeing in Goa

Sunset at Jacinto Island, Vasco - Sightseeing in Goa

Lokaso Tip:  “St. Jacinto Island is connected to NH17 by a bridge. It’s a quaint little fishing village close to Dabolim. An epitome of the quintessential Goan lifestyle and culture. Enjoy your evenings feeling the breeze and watching the susnets over here along with your friends” – Santosh P & Rajat Kishore

Sao Jacinto Island is very famous for the Bollywood movies shot on its Portuguese-style Silver Gate Bridge and St. Hyacinth Cathedral. The island is connected to the nearest part of the mainland by this bridge. It is located just few kilometres away from the Dabolim International Airport in Vasco Da Gama. The island also has an old Portuguese lighthouse, from where you can enjoy the breathtakingly beautiful view of the Goa Harbour.

10. Velsao Beach, Goa

Velsao Beach - Sightseeing in Goa

Lokaso Tip:  “Clicked this while going for a walk on the Velsao Beach. The whole area is filled with plenty greenery. A great spot to have picnics with your group ” – Jesal Sequeira

It is difficult to say, that Velsao Beach, which is actually a very beautiful place, is very much popular among foreign tourists. It makes for a quiet place to get away from it all in the company of just a lifeguard, a scattering of tourists and a flock or two of ever-singing sea birds. The beach road travels through thick coconut groves past dozens of old bungalows, whilst the coastal road around this stretch makes for a delicious countryside drive, studded  with lakes and paddy fields.

9. Sweet Water Lake, Arambol, Goa

Arambol Sweet Water Lake - Sightseeing in Goa

Lokaso Tip:  “Arambol Sweet water lake is the best place to visit in the afternoon. Lake has some grest mountain’s view along with a beach view with nice and cold lake waters” – Shivang Mishra

The Sweet Water Lake is a fresh-water paradise that originates in natural hot springs from within the Goan jungle. The lagoon is surrounded by hills of greenery and coconut groves. The rocky cliff-side is very famous for Paragliding. There are many local trip makers in Goa who organise one day tours to this beautiful lake to experience the adventurous Paragliding.

8. Sarzora Lake, Goa

Sarzora Lake - Sightseeing in Goa

Lokaso Tip:  “A quiet serene water body nestled amongst lush green hills. A perfect spot for nature lovers to unwind from a hectic day” – Wesley Maciel

Not all beautiful places in Goa are well known among the regular tourists. Located in South Goa, the Sarzora Lake is one of them. The lake is away from all the hustle & bustle of the cities. Mostly visited by the local Goans, the lake is a perfect evening getaway. The calm water and the soft breeze give a sense of peace. The main gates to the lake are mostly locked, but locals enter the restricted lake area via a small passage along side by climbing two steps and jumping to the other side .

7. Salvador Do Mundo, Bardez, Goa

Salvador Do Mundo, Bardez - Sightseeing in Goa

Lokaso Tip:  “”If you’re a photo enthusiast, then a visit to this place is a must for you. The entire village is blessed with picturesque and breathtaking landscapes waiting to be captured – Vaibhav Bhagat

Salvador do mundo is a Village in Bardez Taluka in North Goa District of Goa. It consists of the Khazan lands that have bunds for support and also have sluice gates. The place has a history that revolves around some temples of Vandevta, Vital, Vhoddhi and Dhaktli Jandevta that was built in 1565.

6. Colvale Old Bridge, Goa

Colvale - Sightseeing in Goa

Lokaso Tip:  “This place is in the outskirts of Mapusa in North Goa. ‘Dear Zindagi’ Movie was shot here on this bridge. It’s an old Zuvem village with some great scenic views” – Shivang Mishra

Colvale is a village ornamented by the lush green paddy fields and the riverine charm of the Chapora river. Spanning the river is a rusty steel-bridge over which connects the villages to various parts of Goa for trade and commerce. The view of the parallel stretch of palm-bedecked banks, framed against sand-filled countrycraft from this bridge is truly magical. 

5. Chapel of Our Lady of the Mount, Old Goa

Chapel of Our Lady of the Mount, Old Goa - Sightseeing in Goa

Lokaso Tip:  “The spectacular view of churches and hills from Mount Mary Chapel in Old goa. One can spot around 7 other churches in the vicinity from here ” – Esteann Afonso

The Chapel of Our Lady of the Mount located in Goa Velha or Old Goa offers a beautiful panoramic view of the hills and the churches nearby. The plain whitewashed walls of the church present a delightful picture at sunset. The chapel was built in 1510 by Alfonso de Albuquerque, right on top of the hill behind the St. Cajetan Church. 

4. Hollant Beach, Vasco da gama, Goa

Hollant Beach - Sightseeing in Goa

Lokaso Tip:  “The beach hosts a natural swimming pool. It’s free from the sea swell due to its geography. Great for kayaking. Food options are limited though” – Rajat Kishore

Sightseeing in Goa is incomplete without a visit to this beautiful beach at Vasco which always has a row of colourful boats resting on its shores. It lies just two kilometers away from the Bomgalo Beach and Dabolim International Airport. This place is suitable for romantic soul people, who wish to relax in a natural environment. The beach has a mix of patches with soft sand and rocky areas to please different tastes of people. 

3. Keri (Querim) Beach, Goa

Querim (Keri) Beach - Sightseeing in Goa

Lokaso Tip:  “Once the ever serene Keri beach is now a beach no more. Sand erosion has transformed it into a pavement with sea view. Nevertheless, it is one of the most peaceful places to chill in Goa” – Marlon Moraes

Situated along the northernmost belt of Goa, Keri Beach (Querim beach) is a less frequented beach. There aren’t many hotels and shacks around the place. During low tide, the beach is glistening with jelly fish, star fish and sea shells. Across the banks of the river lies an unexplored village Tiracol which also houses the Tiracol Fort on the extreme tip of Goa. 

2. Unfinished Building near Agonda Beach, Goa

Agonda - Sightseeing in Goa

Lokaso Tip:  “An abandoned unfinished hotel straight out of haunted stories. Been abandoned for around 30 years now. Perfect spot for adventures with your friends. Good to visit any time” – Shivam Naik Shirodkar

Agonda is a nice long pristine stretch of beach great for sunbathing, relaxing and swimming with a very few tourists to be spotted. At the end of the beach, you can find a spooky little structure lying abandoned for years which the locals refer to as the ‘ghost’ hotel. Sina Hotel is the actual name of the hotel and was in the process of becoming a massive resort when construction halted 25 years ago. The view from here is overwhelming. But be ready to go through some creepy rooms and unfinished staircases to reach the top from where you can enjoy the unending view of the seas.

1. Behind the Aguada Fort, Goa

Behind Aguada Fort - Sightseeing in Goa

Lokaso Tip:  “Well it’s a bit of a secret place in the outskirts of Candolim behind the famous Aguada Fort and lighthouse. Most amaing sunsets and scenic view in North Goa” – Shivang Mishra

With waves crashing into its formidable walls, Fort Aguada served as one of the Portuguese’s most important strongholds and replenishing stop for many passing ships. Although only a small portion of the fort is now frequented by tourists, it offers a breathtaking view of the Arabian sea. Behind the fort is the hill that leads you down to the rocks below which project right into the sea. Best for those who like to trek and explore new places. 


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