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Prajyot Mainkar – Goa Local Stories Chapter 4

10 years back, smartphones were new hatchlings entering the mobile market, and the iPhone had built for itself, a special niche. Although the latter still holds true today, smartphones have revolutionized the mobile industry with state of the art features and multiple brands to choose from. And the engine hauling this technological phenomenon into all our lives is undoubtedly, the development of Android.

And a similar revolution is in the making in Goa, that of recognizing the state as a prime example of technological talent pool. And we got a chance to talk to the man in the front seat, the Android man of Goa, Prajyot Mainkar.

Here are a few excerpts from the talk:

1. Tell us about your venture, Androcid Media

I started Androcid Media in 2009, as a proprietary firm which went private limited in 2013. We initially started with the web applications and moved eventually as per the trends in the mobile ecosystem. We started building applications in Android, iOS. The great part about the innovation that we brought to Goa was that very few people were using smartphones. We started building applications gradually, and today we see a lot of them using smartphones, thus serving the purpose of using applications.


Courtesy: Androcid, Facebook

Many of our applications have been doing really well, and we’ve been powering those applications constantly. Some of my apps have been downloaded more than 1 Lakh times in as short period of time. That’s how we got this trend started in Goa and its doing good overall.

In 5 years’ time, I’d really like to change the perception of Goa to that of an IT hub. We want to be part of Goa’s own Silicon Valley. And in due course of time, I want to see Goa recognized not just a tourist destination, but also as a start-up ecosystem.

2. As a local, what suggestions would you give to travelers visiting Goa?


There a lot of places in Goa worth visiting and not all of them are listed online. And I think, connecting with the locals helps in getting to know these places that tourists aren’t aware of. Mostly, a tourist in Goa would head to the beaches or churches, but there are some beautiful places that are hidden in the rural regions, and these are the places that travelers should visit.

3. Are you happy with the present condition of Goa? If you have to change one thing about Goa, what would that be?

From the tourism aspect, nothing really has to be changed. Tourism has reached its peak and travellers are still pouring into Goa. But along with that, I think there’s a sense of responsibility that travellers should have, be it cleanliness or other acts.

There are a lot of beaches that people visit and leave bottles and other waste on the beach. This causes extra work for the municipality and they have to clean up. I think this responsibility should be taken from our side. As responsible citizens, if we keep the place greener and cleaner, I’m sure there’ll be even more growth in the tourism industry in Goa.

4.  What is the one thing in Goa that you don’t want travelers to miss out on?

The experience! Goa has always been a historic place. And as a colony in the past, there are a lot of things that Goa borrows from the Western world. As a Portuguese colony, we have our culture shaped like that of the Portuguese and that is something that is fading away in Goa.

Although it is better known as a tourist place, Goa’s importance in India’s history is unquestionable. It’s interesting to know that very few people visit the historical places, and I think that’s one thing travellers should not miss out on. Apart from the fun, Goa can be associated with a rich historical experience too, and there are many such places to visit in Goa.

That’s your day’s dose of Goa Local Stories, but watch this space as we bring you all that’s happening in the world of food, fun and travel in Goa.  

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