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Post Lockdown couple Photoshoot in Goa – Story of Abhinav and Priya

Goa being an ideal spot for honeymoon couples, never fails to surprise its tourists each time they visit Goa. Whatever calamity may come, Goans believe that the state has always been protected by St. Francis Xavier. Hence, the pandemic too has been successfully curbed by the people of Goa. Here’s a small story of a couple who recently had their trip and a couple photoshoot in Goa, and enjoyed it to the fullest… ‘coz even a pandemic cannot reduce the thrilling experiences in Goa. 

The beginning of a love story…

“Our story was not at all like a romantic Romeo-Juliet love epic, rather it was a typically arranged Indian marriage😅. I had my profile on an online dating site, after which our profiles were matched. I loved her innocence and the positive vibe she held along with her. That’s how families met, we fell in love and finally tied the knot on 28th June 2020.”

The Pandemic did affect their wedding… 

Since the two had the trending ‘lockdown wedding’, a honeymoon trip was like mission impossible especially during the first wave. Therefore, Abhinav planned to surprise his newly wedded wife, Priya on their first wedding anniversary with a small honeymoon trip to Goa. 

They had their reasons to book a Lokaso photoshoot. Check those out!

Firstly, their best part of the trip was the hotel stay at Cabo Sarai which was no less than a paradise. Missing out on an opportunity to capture this captivating place into memories would be the most foolish thing to do. 

Secondly, their pre-wedding photoshoot by a top photographer in Delhi was cancelled due to pandemic, and so they just couldn’t resist having a post-wedding couple photoshoot in Goa, by “the famous Lokaso Photography.”

Thirdly, it was a journey that had no prior planning. Therefore, there was suspense in every step we took. 

Therefore, without wasting a moment, “we booked a pleasant day for the couple photoshoot to capture our beautiful Goa trip. Although the rain did interrupt the shoot, we simply enjoyed the cool weather and the 3 hour photoshoot seemed to be a beautiful experience. The photoshoot and the team were an exceptional lot filled with creativity and beautiful talents and so they are highly recommended to all of our readers and tourists visiting Goa. 

…to book your couple photoshoot with Lokaso Photography and to make the best out of your trip in Goa, contact us at https://www.golokaso.com/ and you’ll be sorted!😉

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