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Photoshoot friendly hotels/resorts in goa

Weary from your mundane routine, fatigued by the stress of busy city life or just in need of a quick getaway? Or maybe you just find the perfect photoshoot location to flex on your Instagram. 

Although Goa is seldom remembered for its beautiful beaches. It also has its fair share of serene and chilling resorts all over. Having a professional photoshoot in one of these is a great way to not just remember your trip but to also grow your influencer following if you’re into that kind of thing. 

5. Bogmallo Beach Resort

The Bogmallo Beach Resort is nestled on the secluded white sands of Bogmalo beach The resort boasts sea-facing chalets. Making it an ideal spot for a photoshoot with the sea as a backdrop.

The wooden Chalets, are located on a cliff right next to the beach, They serve residents with an unprecedented view of the entire beach along with a heartwarming sunset. And also a great panoramic spot for your resort photoshoot in Goa. 

And the best part? The resort is a mere 10-minute drive from the airport. 

Image courtesy: bogmallobeachresort.com 

4. Dudhsagar Spa Resort

Dudhsagar Spa Resort is an exceptionally accommodating option amidst the lush greenery of a forest. If you love nature photoshoots and the thick canopy of the forest, then this place is for you. 

There’s also plenty of birds and animals around to be subjects in your resort photoshoot in Goa.

But that’s not all, the famous Dudhsagar waterfall is just a few kilometers away.

3. The Zuri White Sands resort

The Zuri White Sands lives up to its name, sitting on the powdery pale sands of Varca Beach. It boasts an impressive 37 acres of scenic, picture-perfect gardens. Making it an ideal spot for a couple photoshoot in Goa. The resort boasts a gigantic lagoon pool that sprawls throughout the grounds.

2. Swapnagandha Resort  

The real reason one might want to get here is for the location. 

The Swapnagandha Valley is one of the few actively protected and managed eco-sensitive areas in India and is home of a variety of Flora and Fauna. So you can rest assured knowing that your shots will have no shortage of life.

Leopards, Wild Boar and Bisons are well known to be spotted in these parts. This eco-resort in Goa has 8 valley facing cottages and all rooms have sat out facing the valley. 

1. Heritage Village Club

Are you the kind of person who likes to feature a rustic vintage vibe in their shots? Heritage Village Club upholds the true spirit of Goa and keeps the lively spirit of the guests alive and throbbing. The resort houses 97 rooms which are well furnished and contemporary in design.

There’s also live music performances that you can use to get some sweet candid shots. The open lawns are also a great place for a couples photoshoot.

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