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Top 7 romantic songs that will make her say a ‘BIG YES’ to your surprise proposal!

Who doesn’t love a filmy proposal? May it be with a Hollywood touch or a Bollywood one, we all definitely want it! One of the main elements of your surprise proposal is the right music that will play a big role in setting the perfect mood. Therefore, here is a collection of the top 7 romantic songs compiled for you guys to help you find that perfect song which will surely bring a big “YES” to your surprise proposal. 

07. ‘Happy’ by Secrets in Stereo

“I don’t wanna live a day without you, i just wanna be the one who makes you happy”   

By asking your girlfriend for a marriage, you clearly want her to know how much you cherish your relationship and would want to take it to a level of permanence. ‘Happy‘ is a song that promises her you’ll keep her happy and will let her know that Hey, it’s been too long, we must marry each other, ‘coz i can’t live a day without you! 

06. ‘Growing Old With You’ by Restless Road

“When I look into your eyes, Baby I see my whole life”

The music is soft and beautiful, perfect for a romantic mood. Through the song, “Growing Old with You” you will feel at ease, ‘coz the song is a call for a future together, where you can “raise some kids with your last names”  and travel on life’s journey together. Also, if you’re a singer – pathetic or rhythmic – do sing this one to her. Considered as one of the most popular songs by Restless Road, ‘Growing Old with You’ will definitely make your surprise proposal unforgettable. 

05. ‘Tum Se Hi’ by Mohit Chauhan 

“Tum se hi din hota hai.. Surmayi shaam aati …tum se hi”.

Tum Se Hi by Mohit Chauhan has got a typical Bollywood vibe full of romance. It is still one of the most preferred love songs among today’s generation. The song holds its essence of love and will definitely keep you two swaying with the beats. It’s a blissful and soul-soothing one which has depthness in every word of it. Before truly proposing to your partner, first dance on this song. Towards the end, you can surprise her with the ring. 

04. ‘This Is Why I Love You’ by Major

How lucky are you to find a song that accounts for your emotions! While you go down on your knees and pop out your engagement ring, the song ‘This is why I love you’ by Major will definitely give her goosebumps. And that’s how you need to make her feel while she says a ‘Yes’! It’s an extremely expressive song that you both could reminisce about your journey and will thus make her fall for you even more.

03. ‘Cold/Mess’ by Prateek Kuhad

Cold/Mess is an emotional song that’ll bring out a state of excitement within your partner’s heart. It’s a song to cheer all of your lovely moments through flashbacks while you two closely dance together surrounding beats of happiness! Cold/Mess by Prateek Kuhad is definitely one of those masterpieces that’ll steal your heart!

02. ‘I’ll Grow Old With You’ by Sandler

Adam Sandler uses a very rustic tone in his poems, the words are simple and hence holds on to honesty. The best way to use this song is if you yourself sing it out to her. She’ll feel enchanted and will romantically give you a ‘Yes’! 

01. ‘Tum Mile (Love Reprise)’ by Neeraj Shridar

Tum Mile is an appreciation towards your lover. The music too has a beautiful rhythm that perfectly matches the romantic mood. By playing this song for your surprise proposal, your bae will love its lyrics that will let her know how truly special she is in your life. 

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