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Offbeat things to do in Goa on holiday

Being a traveller is a lot more than just visiting the mainstream places, that are flocked by thousands of people.Goa being a popular tourism destination, the beaches get too saturated and the water sports activities look too random.
Here are a few offbeat things to do in Goa.
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1. Hiking in the Netravali forest, Goa

Walk for over 30 minutes in the dense forest of Sanguem to find the cherished Netravali waterfall. You can figure the way to these waterfalls with the help of arrows painted on small rocks. On the way, there are tall trees and puddles of water in the territory of nature; thus making the journey interesting. After the hike, the sight of chilled gushing water will certainly amaze you. You can also climb further, making your way by holding the twigs & branches for a bird’s eye view & an extra splash of water once you reach the top. Remember to get back before the sunset as recommended by the forest officials.


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2. Sarzora Lake, Goa

Not all beautiful places in Goa are well known among the regular tourists. Located in South Goa, the Sarzora Lake is one of them. The lake is away from all the hustle & bustle of the cities. Mostly visited by the local Goans, the lake is a perfect evening getaway. The calm water and the soft breeze give a sense of peace. The main gates to the lake are mostly locked, but locals enter the restricted lake area via a small passage along side by climbing two steps and jumping to the other side .


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3. Cruising the River Sal(Betty’s Boat), Goa

Dedicate your day to the backwaters of Goa. with the River cruises at Cavelossim The boat accommodates around 35 people for a Sal river trip . The beautiful houses along the river bed, add to the pleasing scenes. The cruise takes a diversion through the nearest betul beach, where the fishing trawlers keep buzzing around. Some fishermen even wave hands at you, adding more to the joy. The boat features a live kitchen that cooks delicious seafood and serves drinks from the bar onboard, as you get ready for the voyage. The experience starts at lunch when the boat anchors in the river. The aroma of the tastiest sea catch makes it a unforgettable experience. For all the music lovers, one of the crewmembers sings some Goan and English oldies which keeps you humming even after the journey ends.


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Contact Info:-
Betty’s Cruises
Telephone :  0832 -2871456 /  0832- 2871038
Mobile:  + 91  922 642 4717
Website: Betty’s Goa

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4. Galgibaga Beach, Goa

Offbeat experiences don’t necessarily mean away from the beaches, because this beach gives you a totally unique experience. Located just a few meters away from the shore are long pine trees which stand tall in silence. The only sounds you hear are either of the chirping birds or the roaring waves hitting the shore. Since the beach is secluded, it’s a perfect getaway to spend time away from all the chaos. The dead pine needles which blanket the ground ignite a countryside feeling. Carry your lunch, have some fun in the water and relax under the dark shades of nature. More importantly don’t miss the opportunity to do something that isn’t mainstream.


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5. Sal Estuary, Goa

Walk by the shore of the Cavelossim beach till you reach the tiny peninsula; A small stretch of the shore surrounded by water on three sides. To the opposite is the shore of Betul beach where fishing enthusiasts come with their fishing rods and the traditional fishermen lay their nets. Don’t forget to capture the memories and preferably reach during the sunset, to end the day with amazing memories.


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Picture Credits: Steve Faleiro

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