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Nightlife experiences in Bali you can’t miss out on

Bali is home to some of the most happening nightlife scenes on the planet. With millions of tourists visiting the island every year, it only makes sense that the industry is booming with dance, music and raves. The place is full of some of the best clubs and parties, so know what happens where can truly make your vacation a worthwhile one.

Here’s everything you need to know about nightlife in Bali.

Parties all over the island

Bali’s Nightlife is quite legendary. And it has remained almost unchanged since the 80’s. People from all over Asia come here to party and to go clubbing. Some of the best parties in Bali go down at places like Skygarden or Bounty in Kuta.

There are also tons of parties organized by clubs, bars, hotel discos featuring some of the best DJs in Asia, if not in the world.

If you know the right people you can even see yourself entering invite-only underground parties.

Nightlife experiences in Kuta

Kuta is THE SPOT in Bali if you plan on hitting the bars and restaurants. Nightlife is wild here, The place is quite uncontrolled and there’s plenty of illegal substances that are tossed around.

Even though we are confident to say that Bali is a very safe place to travel, uncontrolled drinking and popping some colourful pills or having a joint can get you into serious trouble.

The booze and the beers are cheap here, and particularly in November.

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Nightlife experiences in Seminyak

Seminyak is more upscale, this is where the more premium clubs and bars of Bali are, Expect a proper dress code at most places. It’s also more expensive and more controlled overall, and less chaotic.

A visit to La Favela and Red Carpet are highly recommended.

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Denpasar nightlife in Bali

The capital has not much to offer for tourists when it comes to parties. But of course, the place has no shortage for everything else. There are plenty of local shopping malls, shops and tonnes of restaurants. 

Some Karaoke places and street food vendors also draw visitors.

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Nightlife to expect in Ubud

Unlike the rest of Bali, Ubud is a quiet and peaceful place when it comes to parties. The local population made sure early on, that the nightclubs and discos stay out of town since they do bring quite a bit of trouble with them. Restaurants close around 10 and the bars feature live bands but no real discos or clubs are around.

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