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Feature of the week Resort: Fenicia Riverside Resort, A Bali experience in our very own Goa 🌊!

Do you always imagine having an idealised Goa trip in a luxurious resort as shown in movies? But sadly in the past your bubble abruptly broke, simply because the resort you chose wasn’t worthy enough? Well, sometimes we do make wrong choices that could spill the sauce on our trip. Hence, to help you out with this confusion of choosing the best resort, we’ve prepared an article that features Fenicia Riverside Resort in Betul, Goa that will give you a Bali experience with all luxurious amenities. 

Experience the freedom from a mechanised life to a peaceful one with the breathtaking experience at Fenicia Riverside resort. 

1. Specialities

1. Experience a grand celebration of several festivals

Visiting the resort, especially during the time of festivals, should be on your to-do list. Whether it’s Diwali, Christmas or Eid, the resort celebrates every festival with pride and also serves its specialties with traditional delicacies. The ambience of the celebration will truly give you a blissful experience. 

2. Musical Nights, Fun Nights! 

The live shows also known as Musical Nights, that are held for their guests are a cherry on the top. If you’re too tired to move around Goa and are feeling lethargic to relax in the resort’s vicinity itself, then the staff has got you covered. They’ve got several live shows to entertain their guests. Since Goa has got it’s deep roots in music culture, one will truly be able to enjoy the Goanese experience during their stay in Fenicia Riverside Resort. 

3. Watch the Sunset sitting amidst the clear blues! 

There’s a beautiful arrangement done to spend a relaxing evening watching the sunset sitting between the waters. While on one side you’ll see the wide river and on the other side is the luxurious pool. You’ll find solace while you relax at this spot feeling one with nature. 

4. Lively pool parties

Pool parties at the resort have always been fun. Many of such parties are organised by the team that involves a lively crowd, exotic appetizers and unlimited fun with music. 

2. Global Culinary

At Fenicia Riverside Resort, one will be pampered with mouthwatering delicacies from different parts of the world. Here’s a list of a few dishes that are a must try! 

1. Asian Flavours are something that always will set a foodgasmic mood. Prawns with Wasabi Mousse is something to try under the Asian Cuisine.

2. Visiting Goa and not tasting its cuisine is definitely incomplete. The chefs at Fenicia Riverside Resort are a bunch of well skilled experts who understand the hidden flavours in the Goan cuisine. Gin-Gin is a dish you must definitely try. It’s a combination of Gin, dry Kokum, curry leaf, red chilly and an enriching flavour of sugar cane that is so authentic to the Goan taste. 

3. The Cocktails and other Alcohol blends are very unique to the resort. The chef has put in hardwork to give a surreal experience to the visitors. Hence, trying the cocktails are a must!

4. The Smoky Moroccon cigar rolls taste as jawdropping as it sounds. The Avocado Pachadi dip that is accompanied with the rolls is simply delicious. This fusion of eclectic flavours is bang on!

3. Visit the Therapeutic massage center at Fenicia Resort Goa

One will find themselves overwhelmed with the vast choice of spa treatments available at the resort. The place is always maintained with utmost hygiene, the therapists are soft spoken and hospitable and all of these key factors ought to give you a delightful spa experience. 

4. Host your private parties or special functions in the Banquet halls of this warm place!

The owners and their staff are known for their warm nature towards every guest. Every customer reviewing on the resort and the team has always had good words to speak for them. Hence, consider having your private function at the Fenicia Riverside Resort which will be superbly managed by a team of experts. You can stay rest assured that your event has been given in the right hands. Contact the Resort to have a private discussion about your bookings. 

5. Game Room and Gym

Well, Fenicia Riverside Resort loves keeping their guests busy even during their leisure hours😉. While you may continue your fitness routine even on a vacation, you can also spend some quality time with your loved ones at the gaming zone. 

Lokaso Tip

Book your dates much in advance. While booking the room, make sure you enquire about the parties and other events that will be held in the vicinity. Accordingly, you must choose your dates. Moreover, during the tourist season, you’ll find an enthusiastic crowd bustling in and around the resort. 

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