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List of long weekends in 2022-23 to plan your next Goa trip!🤫

Short trips are definitely worth it! Why opt for a sabbatical when you can plan a long weekend trip 😉 While romance could be experienced on a yacht and thrill on a bumper ride, peace will be found in South Goa and enthusiasm up in the North! Here comes the list of long weekends that are available for the year 2022 to July 2023. Make the best use of your work leaves by aligning them with public holidays, to mesmerise long weekends. 

1. Independence Day, 13th to 15th August

One of the closest long weekends will soon be approaching on Independence day, which has come on a Monday this year. While the entire nation will celebrate the day India got its independence, you can enjoy your few days’ of independence from hectic workload at a relaxing getaway in a luxurious hotel in Goa. Since it’s the time of the amazing monsoons of Goa, you can choose a hotel that is situated amidst greenery. 

What to do?

Since it’s the monsoons, one can go trekking to a hidden waterfall, take a cycle ride at Divar Island or you could go fishing at the local rivers. Click here to know more about Goa monsoons and the key attractions you must definitely try! 

2. Diwali, 22nd to 25th October (Take 25th, Tuesday off)


Since it’s the festival of lights, you too got to light up your life with an extended weekend trip to Goa. Inorder to have a longer weekend, you could take an off from work on the 25th to make it a 4 day long weekends. Of course, your boss should understand that a day after Diwali is mandatory to shake off the tiredness. 

What to do?

November is one of the best months to visit Goa, considering the weather and the festive mood. Firstly, do not forget to take a night road trip to witness the beautiful earthen lamps being lit outside the Hindu homes. Secondly, experience the grand celebration of happiness spread all around, while Narkusura is burnt down. Thirdly, if you’re a fan of Zatras, then a visit to temples like Shantadurga, Nagueshi and Shirgao could be a great choice! Lastly, spend your Saturday night at Sinq Club in Morjim with a heightened form of enthusiasm. 

3. Republic Day, 26th to 29th January (Take 27th, Friday off)


What to do?

On every weekend in Goa, merchants flock to the beachside to open their flea markets with some jaw-dropping items to purchase. Considering the pleasant January weather of Goa, it’s also an ideal time to take some candid shots at the architectural places of Goa. Also, if you get a chance, why not attend the grand reception of a Goan Catholic wedding?😉

4. Labour Day, 29th April to 1st May 2023

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What to do?

The scorching heat of summer in Goa attracts tourists for infinite reasons. The weather is bright, waters are warm and water sport rides are a must! Over the years, besides watersports, there have been several adventurous rides like hot air balloon and Parasailing as well that you could try over the short weekend trip! A small Picnic at Dudhsagar and a walk through Mhadei Wildlife sanctuary are some things you might not want to miss out on!

While you plan a trip to Goa, do not forget to book a Lokaso Photoshoot to capture a few memorable moments of your Goa Trip! 

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