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Limitations in your wedding can’t halt you from having a grand celebration in Goa!

Most of us marry just once and so, this ought to be grandly celebrated. With corona haunting our daily and adventurous lives, we have given up the idea of having any celebrations until we finally defeat it. But weddings are a must! How long will you wait to be tied in that cute little bond with your love? Therefore, while you follow the ‘rules’, don’t forget to enjoy your lovely moments. Check out how these disadvantages can actually be ruled out and Limitations in Weddings can’t halt you from having a grand celebration in Goa!

5. Trend your look with a protective mask!

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A friend of mine once asked me, “Do you apply lipstick under your mask?” Well, my answer was obvious. Women love shading their lips and admiring the girl in the mirror. To avoid being infected, masks are most definitely protection required. Masks may not let your crush recognize you, but at least you can hide from those aunties trying to interfere with your mental peace. The bride can stitch a sizzling mask matching right with her gown and at the same time protect herself from being a potential victim.

4. Social Distancing from the virus, not hearts!

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The wedding halls in Goa are quite spacious that can help you maintain the required distance. Seating arrangements can be placed accordingly, so as to avoid any mishaps. You can also keep tight security, in order to ‘remind’ your guests that, “maintaining distance is a must”. On the dance floor, when you see couples happily dancing in their own space, you too can enjoy every moment with your spouse.

3. What about food???

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I know, I know! We have to take off our masks to happily enjoy the buffet. Some people also freak out that the food may be infected. Well, the latter is indeed invalid. Doctors have still not given evidence that food can spread the virus. We only need to understand the main causes that spread the virus. Besides that, there’s no need to freak out. If you carefully choose your steps and follow protocols, you are safe. Hence, you can go and sit in your place and enjoy the food with your family. You can also provide your guests with some hot water to take precautionary measures.

2. Limited crowd is all the better!

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The government of Goa allows a crowd of just 200 people for weddings. This is done to protect ourselves and help to stop the spread. But take a chill pill, because you at least have this great number. All in all, remember to invite those who really matter. Don’t worry about who may feel bad and who may not. At the end of the day, it’s your wedding and you need to attend it in the first place.

1. Avoid Hugs, Congratulate with blessing!

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Giving a hug is considered to be a warm gesture, but these days it needs to be avoided. It may be difficult to digest, but yes, don’t give a hug. However, you can definitely wish them and then sanitize your hands. It is left up to you as to how you could make this day of your wedding a memorable one.

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