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20 Konkani Phrases To Know When Travelling In Goa

Ahoy tourists, soul seekers and adventure junkies alike. So you find yourself in Goa? Or perhaps you’re looking forward to. It is said that ‘When in Rome, do as the Romans do’. And Goa couldn’t be any different. A little bonding with the locals can get you a long way. And nothing bonds people better than language. Here are 20 Konkani words/phrases that will help you out the next time you’re in Goa.

Remember that there are 4 prominent Konkani dialects. The Romi, Devanagari, along with the ones spoken locally along the Karnataka and Maharashtra border. Some words cannot be read properly in regular English alphabets, we’ve also written the same words in the Devanagari script for better understanding of sounds.  


1. My name is ____ :: Mojem naum ____ :: म्हजे नाव ____

The ‘Hello World’ equivalent of languages. It doesn’t get any more straightforward then this. Let your new friend know your name.


2. Do you speak English :: Tumi English uloitat? ::  तुमि इंग्लीश उलयतात ?

If you don’t understand fluent Konkani, it would be best to ask the person you’re talking to if they know a common language. Feel free to replace the word ‘english’ with any other. The remainder of the sentence will remain unchanged.  


3. I’m from ______ :: Mauzo gao ______ :: मज़ो गाव ______

Let your companion know where you’re from. This is an old way of speaking. The more modern way to say this will require you to learn some basic konkani and is beyond this scope of this simple beginners guide.


4. What is your name ? :: Tuchem naum kitay? :: तुमचे नाव किदे?

‘Tumchem’ can be replaces with ‘tuje’ if you’re speaking with someone younger than you.


5. I speak a little Konkani :: Hanv thodee Konkani uloyta :: हॉव थोडी कोंकणी उलोय्ता

Expect your new friend to be mildly disappointed but nevertheless they’ll be proud of your efforts.



6. It’s too expensive :: Ekdom ma-araog :: एक्दोम मारोग

Time to test your bargaining skills from here on. Uhmm, You wish! 😛  😐 



7. How much? :: Kitlay :: कित्लय?

A normal Fish-buying routine starts with this “kitlay” and ends with “Ani doun udoy mugo” which is to tell them to be generous and give you 2 extra fishes 😛 


8. I don’t want it :: Maka Naka Tem :: म्हाका नाक़ा ते

If you were bargaining and you said this whilst walking away then chances are that the shopkeeper will call you out and agree to sell at a lower price. 


9. Where is  ______? :: ______ khuim assa? :: _______खय आसा?

Feel free to ask for directions.



10. I don’t want sugar :: Saakor naka :: सकरर नाक़ा

Replace sugar with anything you like. The rest of the sentence won’t change.

Classic Buster Keaton

11. I am thirsty :: Maka taan lagleah :: माका तान लग्ला

‘Taan’ can be replaced with ‘bhook’ if you’re feeling hungry.

12. I do not want it spicy :: Maka tik naka :: म्हाका तीख नाक़ा

Be sure to avoid spicy food you your stomach can’t handle it.

Joffrey learnt it the hard way

13. The food is good :: Jevon borem asa ::  जवान बरे आसा



14. What is the charge per day? :: Eke dissak kitley poi shay? :: एक डिसाक कित्ले पोइशे ?

Better use this one well. Don’t ever book a room without asking the price first.

15. I’d like a room for the night :: Maka eke ratik room zai :: माका एक रतिक रूम झाय
16.   How far is  _______ :: ________  kitlay pois asa? :: कित्ले पोइस आसा ?


The more you know

17.  Left/Right :: Dawo / Oojwo

This one doesn’t really matter. Everyone just uses their english counterparts.

18. Thank you :: Dev Borem Karum :: देव बरे करू

There’s no word in Konkani for thank you. Dev Borem karum literally translates to ‘May god bless you’.  


19. Susegado :: शुशेगाद

You’re probably not going to use this one, but it’s fun to know anyway.

Susegado is a concept associated with Goa. Derived from the Portuguese word sossegado (“quiet”), it is normally mistaken as the relaxed, laid-back attitude towards life that is said to have existed historically in Goa. What Susegad actually means, according to most experts, is a contented form of life existent in the state.

What everyone thinks Goans do! 😐


20. What is the time :: Kitlim voram zaleant? :: कित्लि वारा झाल्या

Colloquially, even Kitlim time zaleant will serve the purpose. 🙂 


All these konkani phrases will come in handy when you’re travelling in Goa, trying to get sweet discounts or are on a secret spy mission while pretending to be a Goan. 😛 

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