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Ideas for your kids’ photoshoot in Goa

A kids photoshoot can be a great way for your children to remember days gone by. Especially days they may or may not remember when they get older. Kids photoshoots need not be too complicated though, try and keep it simple and at a comfortable environment. After all, crying and tantrums can spoil the fun for everyone involved. Here are some ideas for your kid’s photo session. 

4. Retro styled photoshoot

What’s cuter than kids dressed in old 90’a clothes and posing at some classic locations? Dress up your kids in some classic vintage threads. Be it at a beach or some old school milkshake shops. A pair of shades can also add some much-needed aesthetic to your kids photoshoot session.

3. Include your child’s favourite hobbies

Every child aspires to be a teacher or pilot or builder. Perhaps yours even dreams of being a firefighter, a cowboy, a doctor, a rocket scientist, or maybe even a superhero? A fun shoot could include incorporating your child’s interests to make it fun for them. And also let them be creative on their own.

2. Have themed kids photoshoot

Everyone likes a good theme. Especially kids. If your kid is old enough to have a favourite kind of theme, let them choose and create a backdrop to suit your theme along with some themed-inspired clothing for that extra effect. Perhaps maybe include some props too if it fits your budget.

1. Have a photoshoot at the beach

Need some great candid pictures for your kids photoshoot? Why not do something out of the box. Like a muddy gritty shoot at the beach. A candid natural picture is way better than a scripted one after all. A sunset shot is highly recommended.

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