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Jungles And Nature – Goa Beyond Beaches And Parties

About the place:

CR farmhouse- an abode of solace, owned by Cyrus Rodrigues, is situated in Castle Rock Village, Karnataka. The farmhouse is 86 km from Goa airport. The nearest railway station is Castle Rock railway station and from there it is a journey of 2 km inside the buffer zone of the Dandeli Tiger Reserve to reach the farmhouse.

CR Farmhouse Pathway

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Geographical Features:

The place is at a height of 2000m above sea level and can also be called as the nearest hill station of Goa. The temperature is usually around 10-15˚c, which is lower than the normal Goa temperature and at night it the mercury touches the 10 degree mark.

CR Farmhouse Night View

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The abundance of flora and fauna in the region will make you feel connected to the nature.

CR Farmhouse Trek

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Being situated in the Western Ghats, the area is rich in wildlife and nurtures big-horn Sambhars, Leopards and Bears during spring time. You can also get a look of Slanddoloris, an animal on the verge of extinction and is found only in the high rainfall region of Western Ghats and Sri Lanka. A young one of Slanddoloris was recently shown in the farmhouse and they fed it and kept it full care and now an endangered species can easily be spotted nearby the farm.

CR Farmhouse Cottage

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The place is ideal for nature enthusiasts, bird watchers and wildlife photographers as it is a habitat of vast biodiversity. Trekkers can also enjoy and stretch their leg muscles in the surrounding hills.

CR Farmhouse Tent Area

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The place harbours several seasonal and perennial waterfalls. You can also visit Dudhsagar waterfall, just 7 km from the farmhouse, also famously known as the Chennai Express waterfall. Yes, the same waterfall that was featured in the Chennai Express movie. The waterfall literally translate into sea of milk and is an amazing sight to see, especially during monsoons.

CR Farmhouse Waterfall

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Your stay in the farmhouse will became even more beautiful with the bonfire at night bringing warmth to your otherwise cold body.

CR Farmhouse Hut

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Along with the farmhouse, two mud huts are also available for stays.

CR Farmhouse Cottage

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You will get covered platform for tents with two attached bathroom and also an open platform for tents with two bathrooms.

CR Farmhouse Room

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All the bath/toilets are western style and have individual seep tanks and overhead tanks.

CR Farmhouse Cottage Outside View

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Your stay in the farm house will be really pleasant.

CR Farmhouse Road

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So, if you want to visit a place that is unexplored, unknown, enriched with wildlife, and different from the all the famous tourist spots in Goa then CR farmhouse is just the right place for you.

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