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Top 7 souvenir picks on your next Jaipur trip!

When you travel to a new place you ought to carry back some memories so they remind you of the beautiful experiences you have had during the entire trip. While it’s not possible to carry the monuments, desert and culture with you😅, Jaipuri souvenirs are a way to carry a tiny part of Jaipur back home. Here are some of the best souvenir picks for you. Don’t get confused and invest a lot of time in planning what to take and what not to purchase. 

7. Puppets represent traditions!

Image courtesy: Nikoletazoe


Puppets and puppet shows are extremely popular in Rajasthan. So much so that starred hotels also organize live puppet shows for their guests. Hence, wherever you go in Jaipur you will definitely see numerous shops selling colourful puppets. Thus, making it a great souvenir for gifts and home decor.

6. Blue pottery – Jaipur’s Traditional souvenir pick

Image courtesy: Blue_pottery_jaipur


Blue pottery is a famous form of art in Jaipur.  The pottery stands out with its vibrant blue and golden designs with animal and bird motifs, painted on vases, sculptures and many other products of pottery. Since the potters use quartz stones, instead of clay, it doesn’t develop cracks easily unlike the earthenware – making it one of the best souvenir to take away as you travel from Jaipur back to your long journey. 

5. Quilts of Jaipur!

Image courtesy: Ethnic_naari


Jaipuri quilts are indeed a representation of Jaipur. These quilts are known for their lightweight, durability and cottony softness. Traditionally they were printed with cotton fabric with prints of either White & Blue or White and Pink. But times have changed, and now these quilts come in various other colours and fabrics as well. You’ll most probably find yourself back at Jaipur, as you cover yourself with the quilt, remembering your sweet and peaceful nights and memories you have had in Jaipur.

4. The traditional chappals!

Image Courtesy: the_fab_fashion_closet


Mojiris, a traditional footwear of India, were once upon a time archaic but are now one of the newest trends of the time. These Mojiries which are worn by both men and women come plain or embroidered and are colourful and gleaming. Initially, these would be made up of camel leather only. But now fabric and synthetic material are also used. Thread work, mirror work, zari work, applique, beads, are used to add more variety to them too. These works add a luminous look to them.

3. Lehariya designed outfits!

Image of Lehariya designs as a top suggested Jaipur souvenirs
Image courtesy: Idaho_o


Lehariya is a design which comes from the word Lehar meaning ‘Waves’. It is a simple wavy pattern which is made using two or more colours. Usually one is a base colour which is mostly dark blue and the other is used to make wavy diagonal lines on the fabric which is mostly a bright colour like yellow or orange.

This design is best suited and mostly seen on sarees. For those who don’t like sarees not to be disappointed, can also purchase stoles and scarves as they too come with such a beautiful design. Hence, do not forget to purchase some of these Lehariya designs as souvenirs from Jaipur

2. Souvenirs for the foodies!

Jaipur souvenirs - Ghewar as a rajasthani sweet
Image courtesy: Goodful_abhishek


Certain foods that we’ve loved during our stay in Jaipur, may tend to tempt you once you’re back home. So, when you plan on your foodie souvenirs make sure you carry with you the famous ‘ghewar‘, a traditional Jaipuri sweet especially made during the festival of Teej which comes during the monsoons. But, in recent times you can get it anytime and anywhere in Jaipur, by not really waiting for monsoons to arrive. Apart from this, you can also buy ‘gajak‘, ‘kangan‘ and ‘churma‘. 

The walled city has some renowned old sweet shops’ legacies, which are maintaining the flavours of their sweets for ages together. Hence, you must give a try to the sweets of these sweet marts.  Besides the sweets, you can also buy some yummy pickles and sizzle your taste buds with the best flavours!

1. Photography with Lokaso – Best Jaipur Souvenirs!

Lokaso photography as the best Jaipur souvenirs
Image courtesy: Page_rajasthani_


Photoshoots are the modern ways of remembering memories walking along with the trends. Getting yourself shot within the historical palaces of Jaipur and the adventurous sports at different locations, are a must to try on. Lokaso, not just captures memories, but also helps you enjoy every moment at several photoshoot locations. You can also avail drone videography and cherish every moment in life. Photographs can indeed be one of the best souvenirs from Jaipur!!!

To get your date booked with Lokaso, you can check in for available dates by contacting us at https://www.golokaso.com/ . Your photoshoot will be worth it!!!😉

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