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India Bike Week 2017 Goa: Everything you need to know

Asia’s biggest bike rave of the year is here. And it’s going down at Vagator this month as India Bike week 2017 makes this year’s Goan celebration bigger and better than ever! With live music, high-wire thrill shows track racing and of course, plenty of beer to pass along.

So rev up your bikes and get prepped. Here’s everything you need to know about this year’s India Bike Week.

Dates: 24th-25th November, 2017

The Lineup

India bike week 2017

Image courtesy : IBW

Harley’s, Royal Enfield, Ducati, Suzuki, BMW and Kawasaki to name a few. Nowhere else on the entire continent will you see more bikes per square meter than you will here. From DIrtbikes to Tuners. The list goes on. We haven’t even started on all the cool custom mod bikes and some one of a kind badass-mobiles More on that later.



IBW Film Festival

India bike week 2017

Image courtesy : IBW Instagram

This is where wheels meet the reels. Anyone can film a short movie on bikes. It can be absolutely anything. The nominated video entries will be broadcasted live at the venue and the winner will be shortly chosen.



IBW Bike Build Off

India bike week 2017

Image courtesy : Lautrent Nivalle

A custom bike is not something you build. Be it the love of old timers or new beasts, every project  honours a legend while telling it’s own story. For this very reason IBW is once again hosting this years build off to cater to the needs of artists.  

India bike week 2017

Image courtesy : Laurent Nivalle

Do you love to conceive, customise and hand finish motorcycles to create unique, one-of-a-kind machine. Could YOUR custom bike the next winner? There’s only one way to find out 😉



IBW Moto Art Project

IBW Moto Art Project

Image courtesy : IBW


And you thought it’s all black and white grease didn’t you? Nah. It’s time to bring out your creative side. Hyper Realism, Graffiti or Urban HIp. Whatever be your style. There’s always room for your kind of talent, Sign up now !



Burnout/Loudest Bike

Burnout/Loudest Bike

Image courtesy : IBW

What would a bike week be without the smell of burning rubber? It’s all fun and games till the smoke fills up. Be extra sure not to miss this one.



Who’s showing up?

Leslie Porterfield – Fastest Woman in the World on a Motorcycle

Leslie Porterfield

Image courtesy : leslieporterfiled.com

Leslie Porterfield became the Guinness Book of World Records’ Fastest Woman in the World on a Motorcycle with her land speed record set at Bonneville in 2008. A record still holding good today. An ardent biker since the age of 16, Leslie is truly a world class biker and a not to be missed appearance at IBW this year.



Vinod Rawat – The biker who proved the world wrong

Vinod Rawat

Image courtesy : yourstory.com

Apparently you need feet to ride a bike? Pfft. Not when you have will power. Vinod Rawat is a biker from mumbai with a prosthetic limb. He’s also a marathon runner and the founder of the world’s first biker club for the specially abled.



Freddie Spencer – Racing Legend

Freddie Spencer

Image courtesy : ABC

In 1983, American motorcyclist Freddie Spencer won the world motorcycling championship aged just 21. Spencer won an epic battle against Kenny Roberts, another legendary US rider. Freddie is regarded as one of the best bike racers of all time .He is also the only man to win across 2 classes (250cc and 500cc)



Beer for everyone !

Had your fair share of Bikes, music and more bikes? Want to introduce your friends to the stuff you like to drink. The good stuff, that is, the stuff that can inspire true geekery of the highest regard. Thats right folks. This years IBW has beer by the truck loads. The only question is : How do you throw a craft beer party for a group of non-craft beer drinkers?


After Party

India Bike Week 2017 Goa

Image courtesy : IBW

This years annual IBW  kicks off its afterparty on Friday and Saturday night when the event gets a whole lot louder. Rave to riveting basslines, face-melting guitar solos, power-packed drums and soaring vocals through a stellar line-up of artists and some secret exclusives.


Have we convinced you to visit Indian Bike Week 2017?  


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Featured Image Courtesy : IBW

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