5 Best Places to Celebrate Holi 2019 in Goa : Parties, Community Gatherings and more

If there’s one festival that has truly become synonymous with India and its culture, then it has to be Holi 2019. Traditionally celebrated as a harvest festival for hundreds and thousands of years, holi is fondly remembered for its unique celebrations involving colours, dance and music.

As the festival of colors slowly inches its way to Goa on March 20th this year. Here’s a complete guide to what’s going down and where you ought to be to make the best of the day (and even night) 😉 of Holi 2019 in Goa

How does Goa celebrate Holi?

The night before the full moon, people gather to light bonfires (mostly in the rurals), signifying a burning away of evil in preparation to welcome a new beginning at spring time.

The next day people (often dressed in white) come out to play Holi. Dry colours, water balloons, washable dyes, pichkaris – we have it all.

Holi 2019 Parties in Goa

Colorholic 4.0

It’s time to forget your sorrows and dance to some great beats by young, budding DJ Rinton. Having been no stranger to putting a modern twist in traditional festivities.

Although no details have been released about the party itself. There’s no doubt it’s gonna be lit. Be sure to stay tuned for more info.

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Bay 15 Holi Party

Be sure to make a splash, guzzle down vibrant drinks, and dance to thumping beats by DJ Shyam at Bay15

Bay15 near Dona Paula is one of those many spots in Goa where the party frenzy is the ultimate craze. This pretty location on the cliffs by the seaside is where you should totally head out to, especially if you love colours. Be it day or night. This Holi 2019 party in Goa is especially convenient for people who live in Panjim.

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Holi Vibes 2.0

If you’re looking for Holi 2019 parties in South Goa. Then look no further than Holi Vibes 2.0. Which happens to be the biggest Holi party is South Goa by a long shot. This year they’ve partnered up with the newly opened Owl club Goa. So be sure to catch up at Green Amaze, Margao. For a Holi night like never before.

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A Cheesy name for a cheesy night. Need a fix on a great night with great vibes? Filled with colour like nowhere else? Look no further than Jashn-e-Rang.

Get ready to be a part of India’s largest Holi celebration at La Cabana Resort, Morjim Beach on 20th March. Let your hair down and party like never before with rain dance set-up, the best DJs in town, live band performances, unlimited booze, and much more! The passes will be available online.

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Recommended Drinks

What would be celebrations in Goa without drinks with buds. Our Recommendation? Avoid hard liquor (including Urrak and Feni). Light drinks like Beer and Breezer’s are highly recommended. Why? Running around shoving colours onto people when under the influence can get messy pretty quick. Keep it safe and clean.

Unfortunately, Bhang is illegal in Goa for those of you who’d like an authentic Holi experience. Happy Holi 2019!

King's Pilsner Beer
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