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13 Haunted Places in Goa That Can Spook You To Death At Night

The horror stories of Goa are not for the faint-hearted. As sunny and breezy as the Goan beaches might seem, the air is nauseating on the other side. If you think you’re safe by not venturing out at night, you’re in for a spooky surprise even in broad daylight.

Here are the top 10 haunted places in Goa that are sure to give you a chill through your spine:

14, D’Mello House, Santemol

In our daily life, we face lots of trouble regarding land and property. It’s not very uncommon to quarrels with own brother for the dispute on ancestral property. The story of the haunted house started similarly. Today D’Mello house in Santemol is known as a very scary place. People say the house is cursed. In this house, one brother killed another after a heated argument. At night forceful quarrel, the sound of screaming emanates from the house. Many other paranormal occurrences like throwing something or breaking windows happens regularly. There is a reason nobody is ready to buy the house.

Image courtesy: Treeboo


13. Three Kings Church, Cansaulim, Goa

Located in the quiet and serene village of Cansaulim, 15km from Valsaav in South Goa is a holy sanctuary turned rogue. Legend has it that three Portuguese kings ruled this together for a long time, but were never able to do so in perfect harmony. Small quarrels turned into heated arguments and one day, one of the three kings decided to take the kingdom into his sole power and murdered the other two by poisoning them. Hearing this, the villagers furiously stormed into the king’s palace. Fearing the worst, the last king committed suicide. Since then, villagers say the church has been possessed by the spirits of the three kings.

Numerous paranormal sightings have been recorded in and across the church walls. Astonishingly, The GRIP team of Indian Paranormal Society inspected the place and confirmed what had been making the rounds.

three-kings-chapel-velsaoThree Kings Church; Courtesy: goalifeculture

12. Spooky Bandh of Igorchem, Goa

Sometimes the worst lies in the most obvious of places. Forests are known for their deep sense of horror. And there is none truer than Igorchem Bandh. This haunted stretch of road behind the Church of Our Lady of Snows in Raia has an eerie atmosphere around it. There have been several episodes of paranormal activity recorded by people venturing across the stretch that is Igorchem Bandh (or Igorchem road). Locals strongly advise not walking on the road between 2 pm– 3 pm in the afternoon. Is there any time in the day safe from ghosts?  😕 

Igorchem Bandh

Courtesy: Pinterest

11. Tragedy of Jakni Bandh, Goa

Haunted places generally come tied with a tragedy. Jakini Bandh is no exception. A school bus once went over the temporary bridge connecting Navelim and Drampur, killing all aboard. Even today, the wailing of the children is heard at night by those crossing the bridge.


Jakni Bandh. Courtesy: Grabhouse

10. Bewitched NH-17 from Mumbai to Goa

The Mumbai – Goa Highway, also known as NH-17, can easily be called the place to send a shiver down your spine for the longest period of time. Believers say that the road is haunted by witches in search of flesh, meat and blood. If this itself wasn’t enough for you to think twice about a road trip to Goa, there has reportedly been an incident of a couple witnessing this scary phenomenon.

nh 17 mumbai goa

NH-17. Courtesy: Cycletrip

9. Rachol Seminary Arch, Goa 

The arch in front of the seminary in Rachol is said to be haunted by the spirit of a sentinel dating back to the era of the Portuguese rule. Locals pass on the story of a soldier spirit that appears in the official attire, and walks to and fro under the arch, denying entry to any person that he deems unworthy.


Seminary at Rachol

8. The Spirit of ‘Christalina’ at Saligao Village, Goa

This Goan village is believed to be haunted by a ghost named Christalina. Earlier, villagers warned their children from going near the infamous banyan tree which was where Christalina was believed to live. The belief is said to have been originated from a story about a Jew, Padre Lourenco. Padre went for a walk around the seminary road, but much to his family’s shock did not return home that particular night. Fearing the worst, his family hired some workers to look for him next morning. What they found was chilling.

They found Padre lying face-flat on the ground; his body soiled and muddy. Immediately, they took him to the priest and asked that he be cared for. The next 4 days passed by without a movement or a sound from Padre. On the 5th day, much to the priest’s horror, Padre was seen floating in the air, screaming ‘Christalina!’ His face was bloody and deformed by scratches. It didn’t take long for this story to spread to neighboring villages.

Saligao Banyan Tree

Saligao. Courtesy: india.com

7. Disturbing D’Mello House at Santemol, Goa

According to locals, two brothers lived in D’Mello House in Santemol. Owing to a dispute about the division of their ancestral property, a huge fight ensued resulting in the death of one of the brothers. Since then, there have been reports of paranormal in the now deserted house. Locals often hear sounds of glass breaking, windows shutting wildly and evil screams from the house.


D'Mello House

Courtesy: Pinterest

6. Haunted Road of Baytakhol, Goa

Baytakhol, between Dhavali and Bori, does not only has a gripping story behind it but has also actually been the cause of numerous accidents of vehicles passing by this stretch. Legend has it that travellers are petrified by the sight of a little girl screaming loudly in the middle of the road. Immediately, as one tries to look back and grasp the situation, the girl vanishes causing the driver to lose control of the vehicle, resulting in countless accidents.



5. Old Broken Bridge at Borim, Goa

The story is such that a seemingly mad woman rushes toward the edge of the road and jumps off the bridge into the water underneath. When one rushes to find out what happened, all signs of the incident seem to disappear. There appear to be no sound of the water splashing or any ripples in the water. And when you get back in the car and start driving there she is, sitting in the back seat. This spooky tale is the reason people seldom visit Borim bridge.

borim bridge

Borim Bridge. Courtesy: Flickr-JoeGoaUK

4. Cursed Rodrigues House at Verna, Goa

The Rodrigues house in Verna is what scary stories are made of. People are said to have noticed the windows opening and shutting on their own. Not just that, there have been reports of the linens going missing without anyone entering the house, kitchen cutlery being found in different places and lights flickering at odd hours in the night.

rodrigues home

Rodrigues Home. Courtesy: ezeego1

3. Calvim Bridge, Aldona, Goa

A major tragedy occurred at Aldona-Calvim ferry crossing, on Aldona side in February 2012. A minibus plunged into the river, killing seven people, including four students. The passengers, including the school girls, were supposed to board the Carona-Calvim ferry to go to their island homes. Even though this bridge was rebuilt after the strenuous efforts made by the villagers, this bridge still sends some spooky vibes to people who pass through it at eerie hours. It is said that the spirits of the three kids who died in the crash still haunt the place. 

Aldona-Calvim Bridge Bus Accident Tragedy

Photo by Samarth Shirodkar

2. The Char Khambe, St. Cruz, Goa 

The Four Pillars or the ‘Char Khambe’, as they are called in Konkani, are painted white and are located in the Khazan lands on the old Santa Cruz – Panjim roads in the Portuguese area of Rio de Ourem. This road is now named as Vasantrao Dempo Marg. This area is reportedly haunted with the haunting at its peak on full moon nights. According to the commuters who have travelled via the stretch, there is an eerie feeling that prevails at the spot. They have also reported of sighting some apparitions in the nights. Locals say that the area is jinxed and cursed and is one reason for the numerous accidents taking place here. Others sightings include a lady dressed in a white saree and supposedly asking for a lift. People also claim of hearing cries and have even had a sudden breaking down of bikes as soon as they reach the Char Khambe.

The Four Pillars or Char Khambe at St.Cruz, Goa

Courtesy: MyGoa

1. The ‘Ghost Hotel’ at Agonda, Goa

At the end of the Agonda beach in the Southern Goa, you can find a spooky little structure lying abandoned for years which the locals refer to as the ‘ghost’ hotel. Sina Hotel is the actual name of the hotel and was in the process of becoming a massive resort when construction halted 25 years ago.  The villagers say that the owners ran out of money and also that construction stopped abruptly after one of the owners was murdered. And after which they started noticing weird happenings in the rooms of that building. Who knows what the true story is! But the building does look spooky as hell. 

The Ghost Hotel at Agonda, South Goa

The Ghost Hotel at Agonda, South Goa

Animal Bones found in the rooms of the hotel | Shot by Madnessaroundtheworld

If you have been shell-shocked by an outworldly incident like this, comment below and tell us about it. More the horror stories, the better.

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