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Harika and Vishnu’s Love story through Lokaso Photoshoot!

The story of Harika and Vishnu began in the traditional Indian form through matchmakers. It is said, “Destiny plays its role only when you have played yours'”. Harika and Vishnu took a deep breath when they first saw each other. Although they were being eyed upon by many elders, they exchanged glances. While Harika’s smile impressed Vishnu, common personalities made Harika fall in love with Vishnu.

Photoshoot photograph of Harika and Vishnu

It seems that Vishnu too had got a good sense of humour. We’ve all been through that starting phase, wherein you feel butterflies in your stomach and a natural blush on your cheeks. But, Vishnu had a mischievous mood when he first tried to contact Harika after their proposals were accepted. Vishnu did have Harika’s phone number, but Harika had not saved Vishnu’s number. To simply play a prank, Vishnu assumed the role of an agent from SBI bank. Being slightly flirtatious and obviously doubtful, he continued the conversation. However, Harika did find something fishy over the call and soon recognised who the actual speaker was. This became the kick start for the two to blend well into each other’s personalities.

The pandemic did affect their post-wedding enjoyment!

As soon as they tied a knot, they began exploring each other’s tastes and dislikes by being one with nature. Since the pandemic had taken a hard hit over the world, they couldn’t have an adventurous honeymoon trip anywhere on Earth except for their own home😅. Therefore, as soon as the SOPs were relaxed, they booked a trip to Bali, Maldives and then finally to Goa.

The two seem to connect deeply also because they’ve been explorers from heart. Trips to different parts of the world have been their motivation during holidays. When a lone backpacker finds another companion, nature too would try it’s best to lead them on their adventurous ways.

Until now it has been an easy going route, because there’s immense love and understanding. Thus, reducing the amount of conflicting opinions – arranged marriages does depend on love and understanding.

How did they learn about Lokaso Photoshoot?

“We did have a travel-photographer, but besides that we also wanted somebody who was well acquainted with the top photoshoot locations in Goa. Therefore, when we searched for Lokaso ‘s Instagram page, we loved their Photoshoot photographs because of visible creativity and passion towards photography.”

Our Experience with Lokaso Photoshoot…

“Most of all, when the photoshoot was going on, the team is lively with all of their emotions intact. Lokaso will always be our first priority. Especially when it comes to photoshoots anywhere in India, because we totally enjoyed the entire 3 hour shoot.”

“For the video, we had a song in mind, in which the Lokaso Team had pre-decided the poses. Unexpectedly, the video too turned out to be pretty good.”

Our Goa and Lokaso photoshoot experience…

“The casinos gave us a chill throughout our veins. At the beginning we did win a little, but later we lost it all😅. Besides that, the beaches are awesome. La Cabana Beach Resort was also the best option we had chosen. The amenities provided at La Cabana are worth the pay. The secluded beach area too helped us take an evening nap thereby watching the sunset.”

The photoshoot however, added more enriching flavours to our Goa trip!

A message for all…

“Live your life unexpectedly and enjoy every moment of togetherness. And if you wanna have a photoshoot anywhere in India, then Lokaso should be your priority … ‘coz you’ll be impressed with their level of creativity.”

If you are looking out for a photographer to help you capture unforgettable memories, then Lokaso Photoshoot should be your priority. Contact us and you’ll be sorted!!!

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