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Goa- A perfect destination for kid’s photoshoot as well!!! 😉

Who said Goa is meant for only the adults? It’s definitely not! This paradise of everlasting beauty is perfect for every kind of tourist visiting Goa. Kids as well, can enjoy this place to the fullest and have a memorable time. The several adventurous tours, the exciting gaming zones and of course the beach excites parents to term Goa as a perfect destination for kid’s photoshoot as well. Check out this story of our clients who had a memorable trip cum photoshoot for their child’s birthday!

A Post-Lockdown Story… 26th January 2021

Image of Ansh, along with his family. in the kid's photoshoot with lokaso

Ansh was too bored of celebrating his birthday in his hometown Jaipur. This three year old child longed to build sand castles post the lockdown stress. He kept announcing his dream to his parents, so as to make it come true. What else could his parents do? Therefore they decided to plan a surprise trip for his 4th birthday. 

Wondering which place in India could fulfil Ansh’s dream? Here’s the obvious!

Shailesh and Aditi had just one place in mind which would not only fulfil Ansh’s birthday wish, but would also help them have an outing in the ever known land of Goa. Goa, being a beautiful place rich with sandy shores, was a perfect destination for Ansh. 

Finally, his dream came true! Not just the sandy shores but yacht trips were on their bucket list. They had a blast throughout the trip, amidst the wide everlasting sea. 

a family gala time, with Lokaso, Kid's photoshoot

The funniest yet saddest part was when Ansh freaked out looking at the yacht that was waiting to take them into the wide Arabian sea. The tides too were high, which made him all the more scared. But once the power of nature engulfed him in it’s beauty, he finally felt relaxed and thus, enjoyed his Goa yatch trip.

Their Experience in Goa was way more than expected!!!

When we asked Aditi, Ansh’s mother, about her experience in Goa this is what she had to say “We’ve been to Goa the last time for our honeymoon, and we found the place seriously crowded. Which is why we didn’t really enjoy Goa much. But this time, the Southern part of the state, is just too beautiful than expected. It is less crowded and all of it’s serenity is kept intact. Kudos to the residents!”

An image of the couple viewing the beauty of the vast sea

Speaking about the difficulties they faced while booking a yacht she says “Initially, we felt we were being cheated by vendors of the yacht, because they didn’t seem to provide promising results, so we were a little sceptical about our choices. However, after a lot of research and bargaining, we finally booked our yacht trip that turned out to be quite satisfying. 

How did you get acquainted with the Lokaso team?

Since we invested a lot in the yacht trip, we definitely needed to capture these memories. Lokaso is a well-known photography company. So the team on the yacht themselves suggested that I book my kid’s photoshoot with Lokaso. This helped us contact them through their official website. 

The photoshoot with Lokaso as well exceeded our expectations. The team was very patient with our child. There were so many candid moments they selected that we too were not aware about. Finally, the main product was amazing, especially the video that was created, left me in tears. It’s a gift that will help us cherish our yacht trip forever!

A Suggestion To All!!!

“If you are seeking a peaceful and calm Goa trip, I suggest the tourist to spend some jolly time in the south of Goa. Also, I strongly recommend Lokaso to all those looking out for a photoshoot amidst the beauty of Goa.” 

” A special thanks to the cinematographer, who was really calm and patient although my son, Ansh got cranky at times.”

There’s no need to worry about your Child’s safety in Goa! Goa can perfectly be a secure destination for your child’s birthday too, provided you take utmost care😉! And to capture all of these memories, book your kid’s photoshoot with Lokaso to help you cherish wonderful memories!!!

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