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6 ways to experience Goa on a budget

You’ve heard of the breathtaking views. You’re familiar with the taste of fish and all the glorious ways we cook it. You’ve longed for their endless selection of beverages. And you’re just about dying to see the marine life up close .

If only it wasn’t for that persistent voice at the back of your head. You know, the one that’s keeping you awake at night with a million questions about how you plan to achieve all this with your limited financial means. Well it doesn’t have to anymore. Why should the rich have all the fun? Here are 5 ways you can dramatically reduce the cost of your next trip to Goa.



6. Rent a bike/car

Bikes up for rent with their distinctive black number plates with yellow font Image courtesy : JoeGoaUK

Bikes up for rent with their distinctive black number plates with yellow font
Image courtesy : JoeGoaUK

This is by far the most cost effective way to travel. In fact, renting a bike should be the first thing you do once you get to Goa. A rented bike can cost as little as Rs 100 ($2) per day. Compare that to shelling a thousand rupees on a short taxi ride from the airport, did we mention it’s only one way. Yep it’s appalling : /

The local busses are also a great way to see the local life, but the system is pretty complicated for newbies and they won’t take you exactly where you want.
The state run Kadamba Bus Service offers a very straightforward and affordable way to travel to all major cities in Goa.
Bikes up for rent with their distinctive black number plates with yellow font



5. Couchsurf

Image courtesy : Boris

Image courtesy : Boris

Nothing eases the pressure on a backpacker’s wallet like staying with a friend does. Saving Rs 1000 – Rs3000 on accommodation each night pretty much pays for an entire month’s bike rent. And with Goa being this small, you can take day trips to almost every corner of the state.
If you don’t have anyone you can contact, try a couchsurfing site instead. It’s more common than you’d expect and it’s a fantastic way to get in touch with local.


Couch surfing is a very reliable site to begin.



4. Stick to South Goa

Image courtesy : Instagram

Image courtesy : Instagram

It goes without saying that Goa is ridiculously famous for its beaches and parties. Most of which are in the north. So there’s naturally a significant amount of tourists there. More the demand , more the price.

So spending more time in the South will significantly bring your expenses down. Yeah sure, it doesn’t have as much of the mainstream stuff as its northern counterpart but there are plenty of other things to do. More about that next.




3. Diversify your trip

Check out Flyboarding at Baina Beach Image courtesy : TravelTriangle

Check out Flyboarding at Baina Beach
Image courtesy : TravelTriangle

Beaches, Casinos, Party, Repeat. That’s all fun till you realise your savings accounts almost empty and will have to go back home early. Instead of living the high life, do something more satisfying. There are plenty of things you can do such as birdwatching, trekking, watersports, road trip, train ride from Vasco to Kulem, check out events at Kala Academy (There’s always something going down there).

Be sure to visit Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary and Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary.

Check out Flyboarding at Baina Beach




2. Travel during the off season

Image courtesy : Jayanti Choudhary

Image courtesy : Jayanti Choudhary

This is hands down, the ultimate way to cut digits off your expenses. If you enter Goa from the months of May-September. You can pretty much expect everything so dirt cheap, you’ll feel guilty about it. From flights to accommodations and even food. The monsoons in Goa are also a spectacle in their own right for the eyes to feast. It’s hard to describe the sheer beauty, come see it yourself.


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