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5 Facebook Groups Every Goan Must Be A Part Of

Do you wish to connect with connect with the rest of your comrades from across the state. Don’t we all? It’s time for a change. From food to selling used items and even a forum for Goans to discuss issues, Goa has numerous groups on facebook that cover it all.

Here are 5 Facebook groups dedicated to anything and everything there is about Goa, that you need to join:

5. Goa Speaks

This group lives up to its name. Sometimes all it takes is a healthy debate. You’ll be surprised with how much you can achieve with one. Goa Speaks is a Goan group dedicated to talking whatever you fancy about your favourite state.
Be it sports, current affairs, politics and even achievements. You’re free to speak your mind. But be nice 🙂

Goa Speaks - Goa Facebook goa-speaks-1

4. Buy & Sell Goa advertisement

Indians are known extensively using everything and we’re usually on a budget and so it’s always a good thing if there are cheaper alternatives for things we need. Buy & Sell Goa is a group that includes members who post items they no longer use but are good enough for others, as well as items they never even used but want to sell. This group is especially helpful for students who are usually on a pretty tight budget. You could get your textbook for cheaper along with other essential stationary and even used phones.
If you’re trying to make a little money, you can make use of this page to advertise your services too.

Buy & Sell Advertisement Goa - Facebook Groups in Goa

3. Goa+

Goa+ is a Facebook group dedicated to calling out and talking about issues that prevail around the state and the people living in it. The recent controversial decisions such as the beef ban and the ever lasting issue of dumping of garbage on beaches is one such example. They also post health and safety notices alongside announcements.

Goa+ - Goa Facebook Groups

Goa+ - Goa Facebook Groups

2. The Football Dugout – Goa

We Goans love our football. No one can tell us otherwise. It’s no surprise Goa’s own football team FC Goa has achieved great heights in India and beyond. We don’t just love playing the game, we love talking about it too.
Want to start a match somewhere just for fun? Maybe you’re looking out for some local tournament? Maybe you need a coach? Whatever it is that you’re looking for, this group is all about that.Football Dug Out - Facebook Groups in Goa

1. Goan Foodomania

Goan Food-o-mania is a very popular group on Facebook where people share either pictures of food from restaurants or post their home-made food with step by step recipes via photos. Although the group emphasises on Goan food, you are free to post food from outside goa as well.
Group members are very helpful as far as new recipes, ingredients and tips are concerned. 

Goan  Food O Mania - Facebook Groups in Goa Goan  Food O Mania - Facebook Groups in Goa

Looks like you’ve reached the end. Hope you liked this one. We at Lokaso are hard at work bringing you only the best when it comes to everyone’s favourite state. Be sure to download the Lokaso app and never miss out on another update. Press the button below! 

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