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The 5 Festivals of Bali you Can’t miss

A harmonious blend of its unique cultures, characteristics of the Indonesian population. Gives Bali plenty of festive moments.

The colorful festivals of Bali have a unique aroma and are celebrated with deep fervour over the years. Most of the celebrations are woven around religious occasions. Singing and dancing become part of life. People step down to streets in vibrant attires and the whole island celebrates together.

Enjoying is not something we do in Bali. For us, it’s a part of life.

Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year in Bali takes place around late January or mid-February each year. It is observed by the Balinese of Chinese descent. Examples of Bali’s Chinese cultural influences include Balinese temples bearing Chinese architectural features.

Ancient Chinese coins are used for rituals. And community gatherings are held throughout the island.

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Pagerwesi is a festival dedicated to the spiritual strengthening and development of individuals forces against evil.

During this festival in Bali, prayers and offerings are offered with the aim of saving humanity, keeping evil away from men and their ancestors.

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Nyepi is a festival in Bali celebrated throughout the entire island. It corresponds to “the great purification”. On this occasion, the Balinese go to the sea or to a natural water source to purify their bodies and their sacred objects.

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Kuta is a festival in Bali celebrated from July-August. The festivities last for almost two weeks. 

Balinese national dishes, bright parades, sports tournaments, concerts, and nightly fireworks are some of the staples. Kuta is considered the most fun event of the island, due to the fact that all the tourists and almost half of local people gather together to indulge in this “madness of joy”.

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