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Top 7 famous Instagrammable Locations of Jaipur for your pre-wedding photoshoot!

Jaipur ranks amongst the most preferred pre-wedding photoshoot locations all over India. Photographers and couples together have flaunted their stories at the backdrop of such architectural beauty of Rajasthan. Moreover, in the world of Instagram, one will definitely wanna create their profiles with such picturesque posts that grab viewers’ attention. Hence, here’s a list of the top 7 instagrammable locations of Jaipur ideal for every pre-wedding photoshoot! 

07. City Palace

Image courtesy: Inspirat travel

The City Palace is located in close proximity to the Hawa Mahal. It uniquely holds its grandeur and legacy till date. It’s spread across a vast piece of land, thereby having several landmarks that are preferred among most Jaipur photographers. Diwan-e-Khas is among those popular destinations of Jaipur that preserves its royal treasures of centuries ago. Moreover, the four doors at City palace entice its visitors with the exquisitely carved patterns that represent different Gods. Indeed, a pre-wedding photoshoot at these royal instagrammable spots at the City Palace in Jaipur will definitely create a jaw-dropping backdrop! 

Fun Fact: The offspring of the Royal family continue to royally live here at the City Palace! 

06. Chandra Mahal

This 7 storeyed structure is close to a beautiful lake that makes its presence felt through the calmness experienced in the vicinity. Mirrored walls accompanied with mural paintings are the top attractions for the Chandra Mahal. Every floor serves a different purpose and thus, is carved with unique architecture! Thus, making it a must visit instagrammable location of Jaipur for your pre-wedding photoshoot. 

Fun Fact: The Chandra Mahal covers 1/7th part of the total area of Jaipur city! That massive is its property! 

05. Hawa Mahal

The Maharaja of the era was a strong devotee to Lord Krishna. Hence, the Hawa Mahal was built in a way signifying lord Krishna’s crown. Legends also say that these small windows help the women in purdah to witness joy of the performances happening on the street, but not merely letting an evil eye approach them. Given the history, we can conclude that the emperors did give us a photogenic instagrammable location of Jaipur, famously known for pre-wedding photoshoots. 

Fun fact: There is no foundation to the Hawa Mahal. But it continues to stand high because it is curved in structure! 

04. Jawahar circle

The Jawahar Circle provides ample jogging space for fitness enthusiasts and other tourists. Moreover, the musical fountain at the Jawahar Circle is of utmost fascination. However, it’s also a pretty place for your pre-wedding Jaipur photoshoot, ‘coz this instagrammable location is built with serenity, that encompasses several picturesque spots. Additionally, you won’t find any disturbance, ‘coz everybody visits this place to enjoy a peaceful mind. 

Fun Fact: It took about a crore to build the rose garden over 1420 meters of land!

03. Patrika Gate

Image courtesy: Kalamayi Photography 

The Patrika Gate is one the most talked about instagrammable locations of Jaipur, ideal for a pre-wedding photoshoot. Each Pillar at the Patrika Gate, speaks about different parts of Rajasthan and its legacies. Don’t just enjoy your photoshoot at this awe-inspiring spot, but also take a little time off to understand the deeper meanings behind the paintings at the gate. The Patrika Gate showcases the architectural and cultural heritage of Jaipur. It also serves as an entry point to the Jawahar Circle. 

Fun Fact: The gate is based on the Brandenburg Gate of Berlin! 

02. Samode Palace

Image courtesy: I Alam Photography

The 475 year old Samode palace combines an architecture of the Mughal and Indian styles. The Palace is also famous in the film industry that makes space for several directors to shoot their movies. Thus, making it one of the must visit instagrammable locations of Jaipur for your pre-wedding photoshoot. 

Fun Fact: Samode Palace is one of the first Palaces of Jaipur to be converted into a luxurious hotel. 

01. Bar Palladio

Amidst the Pink city of Jaipur, you’ll find a structure of blue hues at the Bar Palladio. The Bar Palladio in Jaipur, is definitely a wonderland of a dreamy world. The view is awesome, the Italian architecture is brilliant and the furniture is definitely antique. Thus, the Bar Palladio is definitely one of the best instagrammable locations of Jaipur worthy enough for your pre-wedding couple photoshoot. 

Fun Fact: History lovers, do note that Renaissance architecture is something to remember during your exploration of the Bar Palladio. 

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