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5 Best Drone Studios in Goa

Gone are the days of the usual portrait and candid shots. Drone photography has really taken off (pun intended) in recent times. Several drone studio in Goa have popped up lately that serve some very good shots. And even full fledged videos. All at an affordable price too.

From the post processing experts to the panoramic view specialists, Here is a list of the 5 best drone studios in Goa. Guaranteed to give you the best bang for your buck.

5. Flying Squad Goa

Flying Squad Goa is high quality drone photography services in Goa and also Maharashtra. They offer aerial photography solution for getting the exact aerial photos you need. They cover all angles, be it low or high oblique. Vertical, extreme close up, and wide area shots.  

With their high resolution digital cameras and large collection of professional grade drones, this drone studio in Goa are prepared to capture whatever shot you might need.

4. WeAero

WeAero is Goa’s first ever official Drone service provider company. With experience of over 250 shoots. Their team is always up for challenge in any situation when it comes to flying. This drone studio in Goa has covered numerous nightlife and EDM events all around the country and also shot a Konkani Film “K Sera Sera” which has won a National Award.

Apart from drones, this drone studio in Goa also provide Photography and Video services.

3. Weddings De Goa

The most important part for drone photography in Goa is the wedding location. Especially when the Goan weddings are as lively as its culture. Which makes this particular kind of drone photography very tedious.

The newest trends for wedding photography by and large is the use of drones for wedding photography in goa .

This Drone studio in Goa have a massive fleet of Phantoms, Quadcopters and DJI’s. Look no further when it comes to drone wedding photography in Goa.

2. Mediaberry

Mediaberry a digital marketing agency Goa offers the best aerial services via its drones for commercial purposes. They have a team of experienced drone operators who will get you the quality footage you need.

They even perform 360 degree panoramic captures, ideal for photographing large open spaces and structures.

1. Bliss Studio

Sometimes regular quality drone  footage just doesn’t cut it. Bliss studio specialises in high resolution 4K drone footage in Goa. So whether you want some high quality stuff for your wedding shoot, or a professional set up for your business. Or maybe you just love drone shots. Look no further than this Drone studio in Goa.

Want your wedding photoshoot to be perfect? You’ve come to the right place. Browse through our photography section for only the best photographers in Goa.

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