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10 Do’s & Don’ts During Monsoons in Goa

The onset of monsoons marks the onset of the off season in Goa. Beaches are empty and so are hotels. But that’s no reason for you to not be here. The monsoons are most certainly one of the most underrated times of the year, here in Goa. If you plan on staying, here are 10 do’s and don’ts for you to follow on your next visit.

An old Portuguese house amidst greenery during monsoons in Goa

Credits: Globalgallivanting


Must Do’s to have better monsoons in Goa

1. Do Carry Mosquito repellents.

This one might sound like a no brainer, but unfortunately most tourists tend to ignore this one. Goa from june to september is a mosquitoes paradise. The abundant stagnant water makes a fine breeding ground for mosquitoes. A mosquito net will also do you well.

Nothing beats being sick on vacation now, does it?  😕 

Moquito Nets in hotel Rooms during Monsoons in Goa

Credits: Agonda Beach huts


2. Do choose your destinations carefully

Some locations in Goa are closed down by the government during monsoons. Safety hazards are usually the reason why. Some beaches are also closed in the event that the tides get a bit too dangerous. The official Goa tourism website usually publishes any such notices regarding monsoons.

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The high tides at the beaches in Goa during Rainy Season

Credits: Wanderingtastebuds


3. Do drive extra carefully

Wet roads are any drivers worst enemy. All it takes is a second for you to lose control, and that second can make all the difference. With the roads being slippery during monsoons, it’s especially the time to take it nice and slow. Even if you end up being a few minutes late, at least you are getting home. 

Expect almost all roads to be like this one  😐 

Slippery Roads during Monsoons in Goa

Credits: Wandering traveler


4. Do keep a flashlight handy

Goa is infamous for its power outages during the monsoons. If you’re stuck somewhere, and it’s getting late, keep a little flashlight with you to help you find your way around. Avoid relying on your phone’s flashlight, keep in mind that with electricity outages, it might be useful to conserve the phone battery and use a normal flashlight instead.

Here’s a picture of a blackout in Vasco da Gama, South Goa

A Power blackout in Vasco da Gama during Heavy Rains in Goa

Courtesy: Times of India

5. Do dress appropriately

Unfortunately bathing suits and tank tops won’t be of much use during the monsoons. Always, carry an umbrella with you. Always. The rain gods be smiling when you leave, but the weather won’t think twice before changing.

Wear light and airy clothing, and avoid shoes that retain water, as fungal infections tend to be on a high this time of the year. Rainboots are highly recommended if you don’t fancy getting wet mud all over your feet.

Couple enjoying by the beach on a cloudy day during monsoons in Goa

Credits: Metro.in

Don’t Attempt to do these in Goa during Rains

1. Don’t spend too much time outdoors

With the sun beating down all summer, Monsoon and the fragrance of wet earth that goes along with it makes it really tempting to spend all your time getting wet. However, try to avoid doing so. Bear in mind that this is also season of infections. As soon as you reach home, change out of your wet clothes.

Southwest Monsoons take off in Goa

Credits: Indian Express

2. Don’t eat too much salty food

Remember 9th grade science class? Recall the part where you put raisins in water and they swelled up?  It’s called Osmosis.

And during monsoons in Goa, Mr. Osmosis is not your friend. Salty food promotes water retention and swollen fingers and swelling in general can be a real pain for your vacation. Try to avoid any kind of discomfort that can definitely pull your spirits down. That’s so not like Goa  😉 


3.  Don’t drink and drive

Goa and booze. Sure it might be memorable (not really) and fun (again, not really) to get wasted. Unfortunately after intoxication, your reflexes tend to slow down. If you’re operating a vehicle when it’s raining, you should seriously reconsider doing that. The roads tend to be wet, and visibility is poor, which means you need to be in perfect control. This is a tip which you should follow throughout the year.

A snippet from The Goa Prism Magazine regarding the Road accidents during Monsoons in Goa

4. Don’t eat too much street food.

Goa is well known for all its fair share of all sorts of street food. Unfortunately this street food is not always prepared in the most hygienic of conditions, it is a good idea to stay away from it during rainy season. Infections tend to multiply during this time, so try and keep your health as much in check as possible.


5. Don’t carry any plastic bags

The last and most important one. Regardless of what your inner environmentalist has to say, the Goa government is hard at work, tackling the littering problem and has restricted the use of polythene bags. From July onwards, carrying, buying or selling plastic bags can get you a fine of Rs. 5000 in Goa. 

The reckless littering of these said bags have been the prime reason for the clogging of sewages and gutters every monsoon which in turn results in flooding.  Fine or not, help to make Goa a better place because you want it and not for the sake of some fine.

Goa bans thin plastic bags below 50 microns to tackle garbage from July 2017

Credits: Thebalance


Lets face it – Goa is the bomb. And we know it better than anyone else. We at Lokaso strive to keep you informed about the latest and greatest there is to know about Goa. Check out the Lokaso app and never miss out on another update.

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