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Couple Photoshoot poses for your next pre-wedding photoshoot at Jaipur!

The concept of posing in the millennial world could be nerve-racking. Which is why, we’ve got professional Jaipur photographers to help you make your mindful poses come real. A pre-wedding couple photoshoot in Jaipur could also be an ideal destination choice since it’s a place that beholds several picturesque beauties. Photographs clicked at Jaipur prove to be a blend of tradition, history and romance. Thus picking out some of the best pre-wedding photoshoot poses at your Jaipur destination should help you sort out. Here are some fascinating poses that will enhance your bond and shots in this beautiful Jaipuri backdrop.

7. Sit and relax together, enjoying the picturesque Jaipur view! 

Image courtesy: Candid House Photography / https://bit.ly/3MoOs4P

Gazing at the twinkling stars near your small tent amidst the peaceful desert is one of the most romantic things one would want to reminisce about. However, keeping aside a cliché pose, why don’t you sit back, relax and enjoy every moment in a quiet palace ideal for a pre-wedding couple photoshoot? Therefore, we suggest you try something like the above couple photoshoot pose, where you could add little props like a Rajasthani handmade mat with brass glasses of water or lassi. This will enhance your photoshoot by giving it slight touches of the ancestral history. 

6. Grab her close and make her blush with your gaze!

Image courtesy: Oragraphy / https://bit.ly/3MoOs4P

This pose may sound nothing new but is certainly one of the most opted and comfortable poses. This pre-wedding couple photoshoot pose would be best for starters. Especially for those amateurs who are gonna have their first couple photoshoot and are terribly nervous to showcase PDA in front of the camera and a cameraman! For this shot, you guys got to do nothing difficult. Let the man hold his girl over her waist and the lady clasp her warm hands over his cheeks and of course eye contact is of utmost necessity. Don’t forget to adorn a smile on your face to increase the intensity of your love. 

Please don’t hypnotise your love for the moment, ‘coz more shots are yet to come!😅

5. Flaunt the rings

Image courtesy: Lokaso Photoshoot

You could carry your proposal rings to use as a prop during your pre-wedding couple photoshoot. By flaunting your rings, you also give the photographer a chance to capture the loveliest moment of your love life. Down the years, this photograph will definitely help you remember the amazing young days you’ve ever had. 

4. Peep through a carved window

Image courtesy: Oragraphy / https://bit.ly/3vyr91Y

This pre-wedding couple photoshoot pose can be achieved better at one of the palaces in Jaipur. These carved windows of Jaipur palaces had a great significance during royal times where the queens would sit at a window and enjoy the outside town view since the royal queens and princesses weren’t allowed to move out. These windows were extraordinarily distinct as they had fine carvings of various styles. 

The man embracing his girl in his arms while the two peek outside at the scenic view, could hold on to a great shot!

3. Let the nature reflect your love within its ambience 😉

Image courtesy: envision frames / https://bit.ly/3Ovq43m

Jaipur offers astonishing scenic views with its massive stretch of natural beauty. Hence, make great use of it and play with nature. You are recommended to opt for a sunset time to try out your pre-wedding couple photoshoot poses as that’s the most romantic time of the day and the palace shines bright with flickering water creating a picture-perfect background. 

Try to capture a gorgeous black silhouette photograph of yourselves with a setting sun reflecting its rays through you. 

2. Use natural objects to intensify your photoshoot! 

Image courtesy: Lens media frames / https://bit.ly/37B0aKX

Intensify your pictures by including some natural objects to create great backdrops. Things that significantly represent Jaipur, like camels, Jaipuri Matkas or ancestral trees, could be used for better pictures. You could also royally stand against each other posing like the elegant upper class.

1. Gracefully enter the Royal Palace with your King!

Image courtesy: Think Tank Pictures

This interesting and elegant pose is a must to try on. Well, you don’t really have to pretend to walk up the stairs, but experience the pose for real. The man will lead his girl, holding hand in hand, walking straight up the palace. This way, your excitement of being with each other will naturally be seen in the photographs that are shot! 

If you want to bring your pre-wedding couple photoshoot poses to life, then you may contact a professional Jaipur photographer like Lokaso, to help you capture the best! 

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