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5 couple photoshoot ideas

A couple photoshoot can be a great way to remember days gone by with your special someone. Maybe even something to show your grandkids someday. Don’t let your couple photoshoot be a generic one though. There are plenty of ways to stand out of the crowd. Here are 7 couple photoshoot ideas for your next photo session.

1. Themed photoshoot

A theme can bring a much-needed tone to your couple photoshoot. But of course, you will need to plan ahead and prepare props and clothes accordingly, this will also help in finding an appropriate location to shoot at later. 

Themes could include colour coordinated outfits, or backdrop themes like a tropical, beach, wilderness photo shoot, or a proposal photoshoot if its a pre-wedding photo session.

2. Romantic sunsets

Nothing quite screams romantic like a beautiful sunset. A sunset is a great way to capture a shot that’s beautiful yet so peaceful at the same time. Be sure to let your professional photographer know what silhouette you want to capture

Silhouettes at sunset make for the perfect backdrop and a must-have for all couples.

3. The perfect date

Recreate the perfect date for a shoot. It could be your favourite activity or maybe even your first date. Maybe even include a set of activities depending on the time of day. Some ideas for an ideal couple photoshoot would be lunches/dinners, going to a theme park or beach. Be sure to not miss out on any candid shots.

4. All white at the beach

Yes, as cliche as this might sound. A proper couple photoshoot at any beach can give places like Hawaii a run for its money. Even better if you go all white for your photoshoot session. Be sure your clothes contrast with the white sand, coconut groves and the sparkling blue water. A hammock is a perfect bonus.

Here are the top 5 beaches that are perfect for a beach photoshoot in Goa.

5. Capture the season

A photo every season is a great way to compile an album for your couple photoshoot. From falling autumn leaves to soft winter snow. Seasons may change but the love stays the same. A rainy, grey day can be great for capturing moody, cinematic couple shots.

Remember to bring some umbrellas to add colour to your photos.

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