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Best Surprise Proposals in Goa shot by Lokaso Photoshoot!

Marriage proposals are a big step to take. It asks for a commitment and a validation of your relationship. It’s more of a way to let your partner know how much you truly are in love with her. Such decisions should definitely be done in style. Couples visiting Goa have approached Lokaso to help them shoot their surprise proposals that should stand out. Hence, we’ve put down several types of surprise proposals that couples have chosen in Goa which were shot by Lokaso Photography. This will help you get ideas for your surprise proposal in Goa. 

5. Hot air balloon proposal in Goa

If love’s in the air, why not propose in the air? Well, a proposal on a Hot air balloon will be picturesque and charming. While the balloon will fly high on fire, your affections will be heightened, the moment you let her know that your heart has been on fire since the day you first realised that you loved her.

4. Gazebo Beach Setup in Goa

Image Credits: Lokaso Photoshoot

Kunal had his proposal at a beach that was romantically decked up with an exotic Gazebo Setup. Moksha’s reaction to this surprise was definitely cherishable. Under the Gazebo, you can maintain a small space with soft cushions, a bedding laid down in a cosy garden or at a lonely seaside. Beautiful roses on the path leading to your Gazebo might sound typical, but will still establish a romantic mood. And yes, a bouquet of her favourite flowers is a must! 😉

3. Beach Drone Proposal in Goa

Image Credits: Lokaso Photoshoot

When you go down on your knees and pop out the engagement ring, book a drone to capture all of your dreamy moments. Abhishek used the old school way of writing down his surprise on the wet sand. While he got his girlfriend towards the chosen spot, she couldn’t help but shed tears of joy. On the other hand, while she accepted his proposal he jumped with happiness like a little boy. These beautiful moments were simultaneously captured by Lokaso Photoshoot who gave them a gift so lovable. 

2. Yacht Proposal in Goa

Image Credits: Lokaso Photoshoot

Ayush popped the question in front of Priya on a yacht under the setting sun. A yacht Proposal is as romantic as having a glass of wine in a Gazebo Setup. However, spending alone time in the midst of the ocean and probably watching the dolphins kiss, creates a romantic ambience for a new journey to begin. Hence, book a yacht in Goa, decide the materials you’ll need to set the mood and only then stay relaxed while the day finally arrives to pose your question.

1. Proposal on a lighthouse in Goa

Image Credits: Lokaso Photoshoot

Lighthouses were built for sailors who’d seek for directions while on sea. It basically showed light to the sailors who’d dock their ships at the shores and seek for shelter. While you are at the top and the view ahead is the prettiest one would ever see, it is a perfect place to pop out your ring. Your bae will love the idea of a marriage proposal on a lighthouse.

Planning on a surprise proposal in Goa? Well, you might need a Photographer to freeze this moment. Contact Lokaso Photoshoot to book your Goa Photographer now! 

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