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Top 7 Offbeat Pre-wedding photoshoot locations in Goa!

Pre-wedding destination photoshoots are fascinating to try on. Especially, if it’s in Goa, then you’ll definitely have the best time during your entire photoshoot. We are all aware of the common picturesque touristy locations that are often chosen as pre-wedding photoshoot locations. Hence, we’ve listed down a few of those offbeat pre-wedding photoshoot locations of Goa that are uniquely scenic and alluring at the same time. 

07. Kakolem waterfall 

The Kakolem waterfall is a wonderful offbeat sight to capture your pre-wedding photoshoot in Goa. It’s an enchanting place to explore, because it remains unknown to the wider population. Make sure to visit the place in a group since you’ll enter an isolated forest away from human touch.  

Best time to visit the waterfall: August to October

06. Salaulim dam

The Salaulim Dam supplies water to the whole of South Goa since the year 2000. The view at the dam is spectacular especially during the monsoons. At the Salaulim Dam, one will find Goa’s beauty at its best. Tourists on a lookout for offbeat places will have a memorable time at this location of Goa. 

Click Here to know more about the Salaulim Dam.

05. Mist waterfall

This natural misty falls of Verna, Goa is a hidden gem that can be explored by simply following the sounds of the falls. Since it’s an unknown place, you won’t find tourists chilling at the place at all. Hence, a pre-wedding photoshoot at this offbeat location of Goa will move smoothly without much hindrances, except if you’re visited by the wildlife😉. 

To get the best pre-wedding waterfall shots, visit the place during the monsoons! 

04. Cabo De Rama Cave

Cabo de Rama is an unexplored offbeat spot for many people who are in search of secluded spots of Goa. In a close proximity to the Cabo de Rama fort, you’ll find a quiet water cave that is clean and picturesque. The view is awesome. Thus, making it one of the best offbeat pre-wedding photoshoot locations of Goa. 

03. Kuskem Waterfall

This hidden paradise of Kuskem village is an entry point to the cotigao wildlife sanctuary. The waterfall is 30 meters deep and hence, cannot be missed. The milky falls can give adorable shots with a calm waterfall flowing down the rocks naturally. 

*The best time to visit the waterfall is during Monsoons, ‘coz during the summers, it completely dries up*

02. Charavane Waterfall

Charavane village is full of lush green beauty and so is its waterfall. The Charavane Waterfall has a spectacular view which is situated in the region of Mhadei Wildlife sanctuary. If you seek for an adventurous vibe in your pre-wedding photoshoots, then this one is the perfect location. The large trees, tranquil flora and fauna will bring out nature’s touch in every photograph. 

01. Brahma Karmali waterfall

Also known as the shivling falls, the Brahma Karmali waterfall is one of the most scenic sites of Goa. It is also a famous spot for nature enthusiasts who can explore the dense forest of Goa. Mind you, with such serenity, you ought to get some jaw-dropping pre-wedding photography shots. 

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