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Top 7 Breathtaking pre-wedding photoshoot locations in Mumbai!

Deciding to get hitched in Mumbai is a simple task but finding pre-wedding photoshoot locations, Mumbai Photographers and several other factors could be a real struggle. The moment you think of Mumbai, you’re first haunted with the massive traffic jams that occur on a daily basis. However, Mumbai has still got few spots that are definitely suitable for your pre-wedding photoshoot. Hence, here’s a list of the top 7 breathtaking pre-wedding photoshoot locations of Mumbai that you could try out! 

07. Kala Ghoda 

Image courtesy: LBB

The blue synagogue, the house painted on the Khyber Wall and the art galleries are some of the photogenic spots at Kala Ghoda. This is certainly gonna add that X Factor to your pictures which every couple wants. Hence, do consider having your pre-wedding shoot at this bustling city of Mumbai.

Tip: Avoid scheduling your shoots from February 6th to February 14, because the place is highly crowded with the ongoing festival activities. However, during your trip in Mumbai, make sure to attend this multicultural festival of Mumbai! 😉

06. Asiatic library – Old is Gold! 

Image courtesy: Deep Patel Official

If you are looking out for a vintage theme in your pre-wedding photoshoot, the Asiatic Library of Mumbai is a place to go to. Here, you will love the antiques that are carefully preserved. It has both elegance and splendor attached to it. Also, there are staircases that were constructed in the 19th century in a Greek Revival structure. Besides this, there are many more locations to use as backdrops for your pictures. 

Tip: The Greek-Roman architecture of the Asiatic Library in Mumbai, is one of the famous locations that attracts a huge crowd of pre-wedding photoshoot couples on Sundays. Hence, try your best to schedule your shoot on a weekday especially early mornings! 

05. Aksa Beach

Image courtesy: Sunny Gala Photography 

The Aksa Beach of Mumbai is one of those seldom beaches that are away from the bustling crowd of Mumbai. It’s a beach full of energetic vibe filled with the cheerfulness of youngsters. Since a pre-wedding photoshoot is best done when there’s no hindrances, many Mumbai Photographers are attracted to this location.  

Tip: The Aksa Beach is rated as one of the cleanest beaches of Mumbai. Imagine having a photoshoot with a picturesque sunset amidst a clean shore! Isn’t it marvelous? Hence, do plan your shoot during the sunset hours. 

04. Vasai Fort – Capture some romantic shots amidst the ruins of the bygone era! 

Forts can prove to be a really good backdrop for a pre-wedding photoshoot. One such fort is the Vasai Fort which is located at a seaside in the picturesque Vasai village. It holds the touch of the old Portugal architecture of a beautiful church that was built with long gateways and many other spots suitable to create varieties of backdrops in your pre-wedding photoshoot. The Vasai Fort will definitely provide a vintage touch to your images.

Tip: The Vasai Fort is open from 6 am to 6 pm. Hence, consider scheduling your shoot either early morning before the sun begins getting on your nerves or rather evenings would be the best to avoid the heat.  

03. Sanjay Gandhi National Park – show off your love in the greens

Couples seeking a blissful, calm and mesmerizing location in Mumbai (which is a rare thing to find in this metropolitan city), should head towards Sanjay Gandhi National Park. It is the largest protected urban tropical forest of the world, where you find a variety of scenic greens holding a collection of fauna that are ideal for your pre-wedding photoshoot. There are also lonely caves, thick covers of trees and much more to provide you with a delightful experience. 

Tip: The best time to visit Sanjay Gandhi National Park is from October to April, where one will find variants of species suitable for your backdrop! The Park is opened for visitors from 9 am to 6pm, hence schedule your shoot accordingly. 

02. Hanging Gardens

One of the popular romantic spots for couples where love blooms in the air are the Hanging Gardens. These gardens are situated at the top of the Malabar hills, which overlooks the Arabian sea that looks the best during sunsets. With the right photographer, one will get flawless clicks of the plant-animal sculptures that are worth a shot. 

Tip: To capture the best Sunset views, you ought to head towards the Hanging Gardens of Mumbai. Also, the artistic sculptures will be best captured during daylight. Getting a slot from 4pm to 7pm could help you capture the sunset as well. 

01. Gateway of India

Well, who isn’t aware about the Gateway of India? It’s one of the most loved spots of Mumbai for filmmakers. The Gateway of India has also gained the reputation as the Taj Mahal of Mumbai, which overlooks the Arabian sea. Thus, giving picturesque spots at the location, suitable for your pre-wedding photoshoot. 

Tip: Pre-wedding photoshoots will be achieved at its best only during the non-crowded hours. Post 10 pm, the Gateway of India is highly crowded. Hence, you ought to plan your shoot during the free hours. Consider early morning shoots. 

Well, if you are planning on a pre-wedding photoshoot in Mumbai, you ought to hire a skilled photographer. Contact Lokaso to book your pre-wedding photoshoot now or to enquire about any queries with regards to photoshoot locations. 

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